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Create Your Own Photoshop Actions With Simple Steps

by More Malik

As a Photoshop user, you’ve probably run into a situation where you have had to do repetitive tasks, such as resizing images, creating vignettes or something else. Having to do all of this manually can be very time-consuming.

Thankfully, there is an easy solution that can help you automate these processes. Photoshop Actions are an excellent way to automate tasks.

There are two types of actions you can create, Target and Position.

Target Actions are meant to control other layers, such as those that are below or to the right of the one you are working on. Examples include cropping a photo or adjusting brightness. Position Actions are meant to control another layer, such as a layer that is above or below the one you are working on. Examples include scaling a photo or adjusting the size of an overlay. To create an action, simply create your own Photoshop actions a new layer and press the Create New Actions icon, which looks like a little globe. A menu will appear on the right-hand side.

Select Target and then click Create New Action.

The menu will appear. You will need to select a tool. You can select a Paint Bucket Tool, but there are several other options, including Path, Circle, Polygon and Activator. You can also select other actions to use, such as Pan, Spot or Lasso.

Pick the tool you want, which is usually a circle, and click Create.

Once the action is created, you can change the settings to suit your needs. You can add a Position Action, for example, by selecting the object. That you want to be manipulated and selecting the appropriate tool from the menu. Or, you can add a Target Action and change the shape of the object.

Once you have created a tool, all you need to do is create a batch file. Which is a set of actions that will work on the entire batch of files you created. If you create your own photoshop Actions a bunch of images and need to scale them up or down for different projects, you can batch-process them all by starting a new batch file that applies the actions to them.

After you have saved the action, you can apply it to all the files that you have on your computer, regardless of the target layer that they are on. Once you have done that, the changes will take effect automatically. What are your favorite tools and techniques for editing photos? Let us know in the comments below.

Open the Actions panel

Not many apps remember user actions. The only one I use that does that is Apple’s Reminders app. You can open Reminders to see which tasks you were working on when you last closed the app. Now, open the Calendar and tap the “Today” button. When the Today view loads up, tap the “Reminders” button.

Get reminders for tasks from the current calendar event

Open a calendar event When you click on a calendar event, a pop-up shows what your tasks are for that day. I usually write down the tasks on paper, but if I’m not home and my phone isn’t nearby. I can open Reminders to see what I should be doing. When I’m out of the house, I always like to have reminders for things like notifying the babysitter to come over or going to the grocery store. For the list, there is an option to have a custom word so that you don’t see as many times “wipe down counter” in your list as you’d like.

Get reminders for a calendar event by tapping the Reminders icon in the Today view Open a Reminders list to see which tasks you need to do today This tip is a little bit different, because it’s more about making you more productive than it is about remembering your tasks. Every time I want to do some tasks, I head to my Reminders list to see what’s there. If you open it, you’ll see a list of tasks organized by what needs to be done and when. This is great, because it makes it easy to see everything that needs to get done at the moment. But if you’d rather not have a long list of tasks, you can go into the Reminders list to see only the tasks you have planned for that day.

Open the Reminders list to see only the tasks you have planned for that day

This is a great way to make sure you don’t have lots of tasks on your list. If you have multiple things you need to do at the same time, you might end up forgetting about one of them, but you can always go in to the Reminders list to see the one you need.


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