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Top 4 Tips to Plan your Wedding

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Plan your wedding

Tips to plan your wedding

If you have recently decided to tie the knot or have been proposed by the love of your life, you should start planning your dream wedding. It’s every girl’s dream to plan the best wedding and have the best day of her life. If you both have decided to throw a big wedding for your near and dear ones, make sure you don’t miss out on the minute details. It looks very easy, but only when you get into the little details, you would know that it’ not an easy job. Right from booking a venue to locking on a budget, a wedding is a serious affair. 

You have to arrange for wedding cards, look for the best wedding outfit and take care of serving the best food to your guests on the big day. It may sound like too many things, and you may even get overwhelmed, but if you start early and have a plan, you can sort out everything before the big day. You should involve your best friends so that you are not doing this alone. Sometimes, the couple just needs to relax, so they are not stressed out before the wedding day. Here are some useful strategies for you to make your wedding memorable.

Look for a Photographer

If you are planning  Asian wedding photography in London, there are many options out there. But, you only want to shortlist the best so that you can cherish these memories forever. You will be making efforts to look your best on your wedding day, but if you don’t have an awesome photographer to capture you, it would be a big disappointment. So, make sure you interview your photographer in advance, check out their portfolio, do a test shoot, get comfortable with them and show them the venue a week before the wedding. This will give them a chance to plan their pictures and also interact with you before the big day.

Plan a Timetable

An Indian wedding has got too many things to take care of, and it could consume a lot of time. But, if you start early and make a schedule of your salon appointments, dress fitting days, meeting vendors, etc., it will help you a lot. If you don’t have your plan in place, you could be all over the place. A timetable will help you go step by step, and you wouldn’t forget anything. Also, it’s better if you start early to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

Sometimes, even after putting a lot of efforts on the wedding, you could end up in a fix. But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t plan anything. A plan is the secret of a successful wedding, and if you are looking to have the best day of your life, you need to be relaxed and plan it early.

Delegate the Wedding Invites Job to Someone

You can’t manage all the planning for your wedding, single-handedly. Sending invitations to the guests is quite an important task, and you would like to do it right. You could rope in one of your best friend or cousin and make a guest list together. Then they can send out the invites accordingly.

It requires precision, and you would want to assign the job to someone who wouldn’t mess it up. The invites should have a clear name and address and should be sent through a reliable courier service. You could also consider sending digital invites to your guest to help them block the dates.

Do a Rehearsal

It may look funny, but if you want to look confident and enjoy your wedding, you need to get some practice. It is a great idea to try your wedding dress, look for possible mishaps and try out the wedding venue beforehand. If you have choreographed dance with your partner, this is a good time to check your stage and get some practice done before the big day. If you want a perfect wedding, planning out a rehearsal is not a bad idea.

Sometimes couples get nervous with the guests around and might end up looking anxious in the pictures. You should just loosen up a bit so that you can enjoy the wedding that you have spent so many efforts on. Also, plan a list of things that you would want to change during the rehearsal and get everything in place.

You could also learn to practice smiling and get some tips from the photographer. Get comfortable with your partner, make your moves and just relax. A wedding rehearsal is the best way to get everything in place, and if you have missed out on anything, you will get some time to work on it. You can also check whether the lighting, sound and colors of the venue are being captured well into pictures.

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