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Why you should pursue BCA from Dehradun

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Bachelor’s in computer applications offers excellent career options to students who are willing to explore the industry by developing industry-specific skills and the right expertise. We live in a world where everything is related to the IT sector and the demand for professionals is also on the rise. Students in India opt for BCA College in Dehradun as it has evolved as a hub for IT and other related subject expertise.

• Flexible working hours: IT-related job roles offer flexible working hours as this industry demands professionals who can efficiently simplify the task rather than investing a lot of time in the same project. This industry is progressing at a super rapid pace and the demand for professionals is also rising.
• Good salary package: You can expect to get the highest paying job role with promising career advancement opportunities. IT industry is evolving and transforming at the same time. The encouraging part about this industry is that it’s going to be relevant for the next few generations widening the scope with a BCA degree.
• Learn new skills: Bachelors in computer applications will equip you with innovative IT skills such as data analytics, programming languages, coding, wireless, cyber-security, cloud computing, data science, networking, project management, software development, AI, and machine learning. These skills are of most importance in the IT world and a plus point for your resume.

Career options with BCA:
1. Data scientist: Data science is one of the booming career options among IT students as this concept is being incorporated in almost every other industry nowadays. The marketing industry is incorporating data science in every aspect of its operational methodologies as this technology is quite helpful in upgrading their existing strategies as well as the performance.
2. Project management: This domain requires professionals who are well equipped with all the latest technologies being incorporated into the operational methodologies. They help organisations in aligning, evaluating, managing their projects, and delivering their products under set deadlines.
3. Data analytics: Numerous industries are hiring third-party vendors to employ their services by compiling the data from diverse sources and to evaluate the highlighting points for upgrading their existing policies.
4. Block-chain industry: You must have heard about this latest concept for increasing the revenue on investments made by top-notch companies as the practices involved in this concept are highly sophisticated yet promising. The professionals with expertise in blockchain is offered high salary packages and other additional benefits to inspire and motivate them to keep moving in this direction as the world is in dire need of a workforce with this specialization.
5. Cyber-security experts: Every organization is switching to online platforms as it is the easiest way of connect with your audiences effortlessly and affordably. This new way of showcasing their products and services have brought new challenges as the security of networks, processes, data, and other related information requires professionals with expertise in cyber security.

So, if you are aiming for a BCA program in Dehradun, then you must consider all the aforementioned points before making any conclusions. It is the best way of visualizing your successful career path shortly.



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