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Event Photography – The Digital Workflow

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Whether it’s a school prom, fashion show, rock show, dog show, sporting event, or any other type of event, event photography Washington DC preserves all the memories and lets you enjoy the moment while the professionals capture. As a moderately new field in photography, it is not as well known, but it is certainly a rapidly growing phenomenon.

The recent growth in the popularity of event photography is mainly due to the introduction of digital cameras, as they allow professionals to instantly display, organize, edit and print images. In previous years, customers would generally have to wait more than a week for their wedding photos to be revealed and delivered. They can now view a slideshow of the images taken during the wedding and purchase them on the spot. It also means that instead of buying all the images that have been taken, each attendee can choose which images they want to buy and even have the images edited in front of them as they see fit. Most event photographers will also offer extras like putting images in a frame or on a T-shirt.


Being an event photographer requires unique skills for this type of photography. Among other things, professionals must be able to use their experience and preparation to adapt to each event. Good event photography generally involves simplistic backgrounds; the photographer will take care of this knowing her surroundings, taking practice photos of the place / area. They will also discover what their customers expect and will make a list of the shots they want to capture during the course of the event. They will then plan these shots and make sure they are in a position to capture the unexpected shots so they don’t miss a special moment. In addition to all this, event photographers must also know how to sell their photographs and have a good understanding of the appropriate health and safety procedures required for each event.


Having a professional photographer on site can enhance an event; acting as an attraction, encouraging people to look at all the photos that have been taken and inspiring the conversation. The images themselves will be of higher quality than if they were taken by an average camera and will be respectful with the environment since the photographer will bring all her own high-end equipment. The sheer number of images will be substantially higher if there is a professional on-site, as instead of the multi-tasking juggling photographer at the top of her vast list of jobs, there will be someone who spends her time taking the most of photos possible, and your experienced eye will mean that each image is more likely to be worth retaining. Most of all, event photography provides memories that allow people to look back and recall a great experience.

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