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What Are the Attributes and Elements Needed for a Good Wedding Photographer?

by theskfeed

Let’s face it, getting married is one of the biggest and hopefully happiest days of your life. To ensure that everything goes according to plan, you want reliable professionals. Most of these wedding businesses exist to make sure the day itself is going well. Wedding photography, on the other hand, takes on more meaning in the days, weeks, months, and even years that follow. It’s important that your photographer can capture all that love and laughter and allow those happy memories to flood back in with every turn of their wedding album page. So, what are the advantages of hiring true professional wedding photographers for your marriage service and how does it set you apart from the rest of the group?

Reliability. True professional wedding photographers will have spent many years building their reputation. Do you think they would let all that work go to waste for being unreliable? Of course, no. For your wedding photographer, your number one priority should be to ensure that they arrive on time. Having a fully documented “system” helps ensure that times are known and that all photographic systems are double checked. Once your memories have been captured, they should be safely stored on different media, in different places. Before booking ask your photographer when their first wedding was. How many have photographed since then? What plans do you have in place in case of illness or transport breakdown? Finally, what do you do to ensure the security of your images once they have been taken?


Quality. If you do something often enough, whatever it is, you should improve, it makes sense, right? But years of experience give couples like you more benefits than just better-looking photos. A benefit to you should be the quality of the wedding albums offered. The album considered by Wedding Photographers as the best in the world is the storybook. This album is generally handmade by artisans. Therefore, before booking, be sure to ask if your photographer is a member of a professional body. Ask how many years they have been using their albums and why they chose that particular manufacturer.


Organization. Imagine having the best photographer in the world at your wedding. Now imagine they don’t have a good relationship with you or your guests, so how are you going to put your guests in position for that photograph? For this reason, one of the most important skills that professional Washington DC wedding photographers must have is the ability to organize. And organizing your guests should be done in a respectful way, rather than barking orders! Being organized and efficient goes hand in hand, after all, you don’t want to spend the whole day away from your guests. And you certainly don’t want guests to complain about the amount of time they took the pictures. Before booking, did your photographer determine who the important people were at the wedding? Did they solve a list of the pictures you want? Did they offer advice on how long the process would take?


Friendly. It sounds obvious, sadly, even some professional wedding photographers fail at this challenge. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is much easier to correctly locate your guests by asking them nicely, rather than ordering them. Knowing the entire bridal party and both families makes it much easier to get natural photos. Who wants to be told they smile all day? A laugh and a joke, a funny story and people naturally smile. Very often I am asked on which side the bride’s buttonhole goes. It is not about being the photographer, it is about being the groom or the bride of the wedding. Make sure, no matter how bright or cheap your photographer is, that he has a personality that is easy to get along with.


Flexible. This indicates the philosophy of your photographer. Some photographers say these are my packages, choose one. Some say you cannot have a printable DVD. Some say that of course your guests can’t take pictures in my wedding album! And that hits the nail right on the head. They think it is their wedding album. A great wedding photography company should change that, it is your wedding and certainly your wedding album! Yes, packages should be available, but should be a la carte rather than a set menu. Which means you can swap parts to get the exact service you want. While you may not need as much flexibility, make sure your photographer is flexible enough to offer EVERYTHING you want.


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