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A step-by-step guide to buying blue light glasses online

by theskfeed

Imagine this. You get up in the morning and look through your social media before freshening up. You then eat some good breakfast and get to work. Virtual meetings, project reports keep you busy all day long and you barely make time for your lunch. Evening comes and you’re finally free from work. Now, you’re free to scroll through your phone, catch up on social media, binge watch on Netflix and play video games until you feel like it is enough.

Does this routine have any resemblance to yours? If it does, you sure have a screen time of at least ten hours a day! And so do people across the globe. With so much time spent on the screens, more people are experiencing eye strain, headaches and other symptoms of digital eye strain. Too much time on digital devices has also taken away our peaceful sleeping schedule.

Computer Vision Syndrome

If you’ve had enough of computer vision syndrome, it’s time you add a few things to your lifestyle! And blue light screens are at the first additions you need to make.

Blue light glasses reflect and absorb blue light from screens and prevent them from reaching your eye. Blue light waves are visible light waves of the highest frequency and they are not always harmful. Blue light is everywhere; it is emitted from the sun and sky and helps us regulate our biological clock. But constant exposure to blue light from computer and smartphone screens has caused more problems than one.

Blue light has some potential degrading effects on the retinal cells, which makes getting a pair of blue light glasses immensely important. Moreover, retinal degradation due to blue light can also slightly increase the chances of you developing age-related macular degeneration and other problems. Although you have a tiny chance of developing anything like this, you can never be too sure.

Blue light can also severely disrupt sleep patterns by the suppression of melatonin production. This, in turn, can lead us to stay awake at night and feel groggy during the day! So, if you want a quality sleep at night, blue light glasses are a must, whether you type reports or play video games all day long.

  1. Search through frames and have a prescription handy

Blue light glasses can be easily bought online, saving you the hassle of actually going to a store. Many retail eyewear stores provide designer glasses and quality frames for almost half the optician’s prices. If you’re looking for blue light glasses to wear all day long, you should look for frames that are comfortable to wear for as long as you need to be in front of a screen.

In case you wear prescription glasses, keep your prescriptions ready so that you can get prescription glasses with blue light protection.

Also, try and look for frames only on websites that have blue light protection coatings available!

  1. Choose lens tints

Blue light glasses are available in either amber tints or no tints at all. Although amber tints are said to filter out most of the blue light, clear tints are always preferred by users who work in an office and have to be on the get-go.

  1. Head to Specscart

We’re not joking. Specscart has a wide collection of frames for you to choose from. Not only do we provide the best quality of blue light lenses, but we also provide anti-glare and anti-reflection coatings for all our glasses at no extra cost.

So, why wait? Choose from our designer glasses frames to get your screen glasses for a great price. Shop now from Specs-cart for the best eye-wear deals!

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