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The Correct Order To Apply your Skincare Products

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Taking Care of Your Skin

Is the skin cleanser used first? Do I apply my serum before the moisturizer? Is it necessary for my skincare products to have SPF? What do I do to control the oil on my face? Does it matter if I use face scrub before the cleanser?

These are only a few frequently asked questions by many ladies overwhelmed by their skin routine process.

Call it a day and night time ritual, a time tested method of achieving glowing skin or the result after much toil research, it is what every lady calls a “skincare routine”. You might have the best skincare products in your list; however, if you don’t know the order of applying them on your skin, you are likely wasting all your money and time while waiting for it to give the desired results. The skincare item in your list may not work if they are not used in a certain way.

To achieve the best results, it is important to consider the purpose of the product used and why it is used in the first place so you can give them some time to sink in your skin before you move on to the other product.

Skincare item in your list may not work if they are not used in a certain way. In that sense, I would suggest reading proactive review and other skincare reviews for the full details of the products and how to use them properly.

Here is a step by step guide to using skin products for your routine.

Step 1: Cleansing

If you only splash water in the morning, it might be suitable to use a gentle cleanser for the skin. This will help you to clean the dirt, oil and impurities for the skin that your skin can accumulate from the hair and the pillowcase while you are sleeping. Make sure you’re using the cleanser according to your skin type. avoid these common beauty skin mistakes.

Step 2: Toner 

Many people often skip this step because they think toners are harsh for the skin. However, toners today are formulated to moisture and clarify the skin. Make sure you have to choose the toner according to your skin type.

Step 3: Moisturizer 

Now that your skin is all clean and prepped, it is time for the moisturizing. Hydrating and moisturizing is essential to fight wrinkles and blemishes and support skin by retaining the moisture in the skin. Make sure you use an organic moisturizing cream formulated according to your skin type to make sure it maintains the hydration and balance of the skin. This isn’t only for the dry skin type, but oily skin also requires moisturizing to avoid oil outburst on the skin.

Step 4: Eye Cream or Gel

We have a lot of skin products that must be followed to keep the skin from wrinkling. This also includes the area under the eye! The eye products help in reducing the puffiness in the eyes and can reduce wrinkles. It is recommended that you start using eye-cream as early as your 20 since this is when you see most ageing signs.

Step 5: SPF

It is important to apply a sunscreen before leaving the house; even if it is a cloudy day. Don’t simply rely on the makeup containing SPF because it isn’t enough to protect your skin. Make sure to apply skin protectants at least 15 minutes before heading out of the house. If you want to skip this step, you must buy the moisturizer containing SPF 20 for proper skin protection.

These five steps are necessary for day time routine. There are all different steps for night time.

Step 1: Cleanser

Now it is the time to remove every makeup that you put on to go out with a cleanser. This is essential to avoid any skin irritation or acne.

Step 2: Exfoliator

Although it is one of the highly recommended steps of the routine, it is up t you if you want to do it. It helps in removing dead skin cells which can help in brightening your skin complexion and keeping the pores clean. It is safe to follow the instructions to make sure you don’t overdo it!

Step 3: Toner 

Again, it is important to use a toner to keep the skin tone balances and to remove all the dirt that your cleanser and exfoliator have left behind to get a clear and moisturized skin.

Step 4: Serums and Skin Treatments

Let the beauty formulas work their magic on the dark spots and acne scars so you can feel and look beautiful the next day! This is the best time to put on these products as you have more time than in the morning and can make the area skin sun-sensitive. Let the serum sit on the skin or sometime before moving on to the next step!

Step 5: Moisturizing

This is the most important part of the routine! Don’t forget to moisturize the skin for the best results!

In the end, a general rule here is to use the products which thinner consistency first moving on to the products with a thicker consistency. However, it is also important to bear in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all skincare routine for all out there. Use this general guideline to find the regimen that works best for you!

Author Bio: Michael Burris is a marketing manager at Xord Cosmetics with sound knowledge of business growth. He likes to write to share the knowledge and information that he has got.

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