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How jewelry brands are fulfilling your desire?

by Khaled Syfullah

What women fonds of most? The simple answer to this question will be ‘Jewelry’. Every woman loves jewelry or jewelry accessories. The type of jewelry may become different based on the personality, but, commonly, everyone wants to enhance their beauty using a nice necklace, gorgeous earring, nose pin or others.

Based on the high demand for perfect jewelry, many brands have emerged in the market. The best thing is that the market is still expanding and needs more brands to fulfill the desire of every woman.

Today we are not going to discuss many brands that are in the market. Rather than, it is going to be discussed how jewelry brands are reading your mind to design their upcoming jewelry products?

Fashion in the trend

If something goes viral on the net, then there is a possibility of huge profit. Jewelry brands are not an exemption from this example. Many brands are trying to produce viral products. For example, if a diamond nose pin or platinum earring design goes viral, in your subconscious mind you may have a desire for that specific product and if it comes in your mind once, reminding you multiple times may force you to buy.

Celebrity and Icons

In today’s world, a celebrity plays an important role in transferring their ideas to followers. Celebrities often use that thing, that is different and stylish, match them as well. Most of the pieces of jewelry they use are often from creative designers. As you follow them, you know that this is different and you cherish to have them.

Social Media

Every human is social. The reign of social media like Facebook, Instagram tells us what kind of jewelry is trending. We often follow the trends and buy jewelry based on what others are doing. Jewelry brands often use this data to gather information on what you like and what you do not.

Designing the User Experience

Today’s brands do complicated things. They tend to design your motive, your wish, your desire and so on. They try to focus on what you are looking for. For example, you are fond of platinum jewelry, then having a platinum-based product line will surely increase the chance of jewelry sales. So, whenever you do an action, that data gives its insights to the designers about your experience. Someone likes shades whereas some other may like vibrant colors. By designing personal experiences, jewelry brands are transforming their products to fit your specific criteria. As a result, you are getting a certain piece of jewelry that matches with you.

The jewelry industry is vast and impressive. From old times to the present days, jewelry never lost its attraction. This is the data, that forces brands to enhance their product lines with something extraordinary and special. Focusing on how you perceive a special product, up-gradation is possible and when there is an upgrade in terms of fashion/style or anything that matches your personality, you are buying those items.

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