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The Best Omega Luxury Watches for Investment

by More Malik

Investing in a luxury watch is a gamble. One day its value would increase, and the next time it may decrease. You never know what the future trend may be. Thus, a luxury watch investment can be a risk, but it would guarantee you a high return.

Contrary to popular belief, investing in a luxury watch is nothing new. That is because you can enjoy wearing it while hoping for your assets to increase over time. Thus, you only need to ensure that the item stays intact before selling it in the market.

When deciding to invest in a luxury watch, make sure to choose amongst the famous brands. Why? That is because it is more likely that its value would increase in the future. One brand that you can select is Omega, which is famous for its craftsmanship. Below are some of the best Omega luxury watches for investment.

Omega Seamaster

If you decide to buy a luxury watch for investment, the Omega Seamaster can be a great option. In business since 1948, this collection has been iconic because of its history. Also, the famous James Bond is well-known to wear this Omega watch collection. So its value is pretty high, don’t you think so?

Speaking of James Bond, perhaps the most valuable one from this collection is Bond’s watch. The Seamaster Diver 300m, or what we call is Bond’s watch, is famous for its style. It is also known for its innovation and fabulous look while retaining its oceanic spirit. This luxury watch is what James Bond often wears in his famous movies. 

As for its design, this watch collection features a ceramic bezel with a diving scale. The dials are available in white, black, blue, and PVD chrome color, in which you can choose what you prefer. It also has a wave pattern in its dial, to which the Omega has engraved it with a laser.

Also, Omega made this collection to celebrate its anniversary. That would be the celebration of their 25th anniversary of its release. During this time, Omega has redesigned this collection to update its technology. This watch may have great value in the future because Omega released it at a special event.

Other watches from this collection would include Aqua Terra and Rail Master. Both timepieces are also valuable because of their durability, features, and popularity. Thus, it is vital to think before deciding on which watch to invest in.

Omega Speedmaster

There are lots of options that are excellent for investment with Speedmaster. Since its release in 1957, there have been various chronographs under this collection. One example is the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional. It is famous amongst the masses and is the longest-produced too.

Moonwatch Professional is also well-known for its history and legacy. Did you know that an astronaut wore this timepiece during the Apollo 11 mission? As we all know, it was an unforgettable event in 1969 where humans first landed on the moon. People celebrated that event, as it was the first time humans were successful in their trip to the moon. Don’t you think its value would increase because of that unforgettable event?

As for its design, the Moonwatch Professional has a timeless look in stainless steel. It also has an asymmetrical 42 mm case made with the same material. This watch is also sturdy since it has a Sapphire crystal designed for durability. Like earlier, you should keep it intact if you want your timepiece to sell in the future. You can only do that by choosing a durable watch, and Moonwatch Professional is one of those kinds. 

Omega Speedmaster also consists of other iconic timepieces aside from the Moonwatch. One item worth mentioning is the Speedmaster: Dark Side of the Moon. It is an all-black (well, almost) watch with helpful features such as scratch resistance. This timepiece also has 50 meters of water resistance. Meaning it can withstand splashes and swimming. It is an excellent luxury item for investment, don’t you think?

Omega’s Limited-Edition Timepieces

It is not a secret that investing in a limited-edition luxury watch may increase value in the future. These types of timepieces are also desirable since brands only sell them at a given time. Sure, you might encounter some marketing gimmicks from less sought brands. But, Omega is a well-known brand worldwide. They have built reputation and fame over the past years. Thus, wouldn’t there be a higher chance that these Omega limited-edition watches would increase in value in the future?

One limited-edition item that you can check is the Speedmaster CK 2998. Omega released the timepiece in 1959 and is one of the famous vintage Speedmasters in the world. The item’s popularity is a vital thing to consider when investing, and you can get it from this watch. As for its design, it has a classic appearance with its stainless steel case. Its dial is color silver with three sub-dials in the black shade.

Another exciting option is the Seamaster Diver 300M America’s Cup Chronograph. This timepiece can be a great choice if you have an interest in diving, America’s Cup, and investing. Omega took inspiration in the ocean’s history for this watch, and it shows in its design. The timepiece features a blue bezel with navy patterns on its dial. You also get to receive a special presentation box in America’s Cup colors.

Final Word

An Omega timepiece is excellent for investment because of its popularity and history. Omega has built reputation and fame over the past years, and it shows in its craftsmanship. People also consider Omega as one of the top-tiered luxury watch brands. Thus, it would be likely that its value would increase in the future, which is excellent for investment.

But choosing the right Omega timepiece is also essential before investing. Choosing watches from the Seamaster and Speedmaster can be a great choice. They have the popularity, value, design, and functionality which is desirable for people. Limited-edition Omega timepieces can also be a good option, especially vintage ones. All in all, make sure to do further research first before deciding.


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