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Girls’ Fashion Guide: Look Stylish Yet Comfy at the Same Time

by theskfeed

If you would ask me, I would never compromise on my comfort when it comes to clothing. However, I want to look chic as well. No compromise on that either. Seeing a friend of mine from south Asia wearing her traditional attire I too looked for eastern women dresses. Because I felt that those clothes were very comfortable. This Fashion Guide is going to make you the same.

However, this does not imply that western wear does not have comfortable clothing to offer. Here is how you can head out in style and comfort.

Leggings Over Pants

If you feel that pants tend to get uncomfortable at some point of the day, you can ditch them altogether. Consider pulling off a pair of tights/leggings with your dress. It will work just as fine. Apart from giving you a chic and trendy look, leggings also happen to be super comfortable.

Many women avoid wearing leggings to work as they feel that they are not appropriate for the office. However, the opposite holds true. If you pair your leggings with formal shoes and a long top, you will have an equally formal look as you would’ve if you wore pants.

Consider investing in a thick cotton pair. The details of your leggings will also count. If you wish to wear it to the workplace, then opt for leggings in muted colors and that have zippers and visible seams.

Long layers are Your New Best Friend

In winters, befriend the long layers. You will not only head out in style but the comfort and warmth that the coat or sweater will give you will have no match. If you do not believe what I say, visit the profiles of some of the prominent influencers and bloggers. All of them will tell you that the secret to feeling comfy and looking chic lies in layering.

There is something about the duster or long jacket (a coat) that gives anyone an instant voguish look. Pairing footwear and lowers with long coats and jackets is not an issue either. You can choose to go with boots or sneakers. As far as the lowers are concerned, you can wear jeans, pants, or leggings. Anything that you are comfortable in will work.

Slippers or Flats

Women went crazy after Gucci’s fur flats. How many of you own them? That was an amazing product that the brand introduced. You couldn’t call them slippers nor flats. It was something in between. But dare we say, those were super comfortable as well. However, Gucci is not the only brand that introduced a line of flats cum slippers. There are many other affordable options that you can have.

The point is that it is not necessary for you to wear uncomfortable footwear. Invest in slippers that look like flats and wear them when heading out. Comfort and style – 2 in 1. So the next time you head out, consider hunting for comfortable flats. It will be worth your money.

Thick Heels

There was a time when uncomfortable heels were all the rage. Not only did those 5-6 inches stilettoes put your feet in pain but gave you blisters as well. I am not saying that you boycott wearing heels altogether. But to make yourself feel comfortable, invest in thick heels. Especially when you have to wear them for a longer period of time. These heels look trendy and are super comfortable to walk in as well.

To have a diverse collection, you can invest in different styles, and colors of these heels. From plain block colored heels to glittery ones, the options are unlimited. Opting for the latter means that you do not have to worry much about your clothes being too simple. Plain ones will look the best with a shimmery pair of heels.

Pajama Pants

Head out with confidence in your pajama pants. Yes, they are a thing. They are very comfortable and look quite trendy. You can replace your skinnies with these pants with any top or blazer that you decide to wear. They look good with almost every attire. The best part is that you can even wear your fanciest heels with them. Doing so will give you a nice semi-formal look. The best part is that you can find these pajamas in various materials, colors, and prints. If prints are not what define you, then a solid colored pajama will also do.

Consider pairing these pants with a blazer in a contrasting color such as a black and yellow suit. That way, you can play around with colors and dress up in a rather interesting way every time you go out.

This is it from my side. What is your go-to comfortable yet chic look? Share in comments below.

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