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6 Ways to Increase Instagram Productivity

by theskfeed

Instagram is the newest favorite among brands and businesses to promote their business. It also happens to be the bloggers’ and influencers’ top go-to social media platform.

Being an influencer, I am very choosy about a couple of things. The platform that I use and the Internet service being two of them, hence Instagram and affordable Internet plans are my choices in this regard.

However, I too face certain challenges when I try to increase my productivity on Instagram. The following hacks help:

Mastering the Content Game

I am always looking for fresh and relevant topics to discuss with my followers. You must master the content game to increase the engagement on your posts. This hack will also earn you more followers. Although, people no longer read novel long posts if your content is intriguing hey will read through.

Many digital creators somehow tend to ignore this basic hack. They forget that followers do not want to read another dull-looking or average post. You should give them a reason to engage with your content, share it with friends, and inbox you telling you just how great a story-teller you are.

An important thing that you must remember while doing so is that you should not shy from putting your true self on display through your words. Be it bold or subtle, that is your style and you have the right to advertise the originality of it.

Too Many Channels? Think Again

It is a common practice these days to make use of every possible platform there exists to distribute your content. My verdict? Avoid. Often, bloggers, influencers, and businesses produce content on Instagram and start sharing the same on WhatsApp groups as well. You may think that this will only increase your audience and give you a better chance to earn more followers. However, you might also fail to understand that not every person is your audience. WhatsApp groups do not allow you to target your niche.

The best you can do is making use of the Instagram features smartly. You will thank me later for this advice.

Make Use of the Advertising Perks

To be honest, advertising has its perks. You have to be smart enough to sue them to the fullest potential. Like all other platforms out there, Instagram too has many features that it offers to the marketers. However, not all marketers make the best use of it.

For example, Instagram allows you to put sponsored stories and posts. But if you fail to capture your audiences’ attention in the first few seconds, they will not bother watching your ad for long. And that will be one opportunity lost by you to attract more followers. One of the best ways to increase engagement is to start your videos with a powerful message. In this way, you will not lose out on more followers. Hence, making the best use of the sponsored post feature as well.

Jack of All Trades

If you are marketing yourself on Instagram, you will know that it offers a balance of various features. It is upon you to decide whether you succeed in maintaining it or not. You cannot decide to go too overboard by using all the features. As they say, jack of all trades master of none. You will have to find a healthy balance where you post content that engages audiences while also expanding. This can only happen if you decide to keep introducing diversified content to tap new markets.


Make your hashtag game strong. If you wish to increase your productivity by many folds on Instagram, then look for the famous hashtags related to your niche. People search for hashtags quite a lot. And if your post has them as well, then more people will get to see your posts apart from appreciating your content (if I am worthy). You might end up earning much more followers this way than you would have imagined.

Another way to increase your fan base is by creating challenges that revolve around these hashtags. There have been quite a few examples of the viral hashtags challenges in the past. Who knows that you make it to the list as well.

Analyze, Revise, Fix and Repeat

Keep analyzing your performance to see what worked the best for you. This will allow you to come up with more unique strategies in the future. If there is something that went exceptionally well in the past, tweak it a bit and repeat it. In case you find certain glitches in any of the adopted strategies, revise and fix it.

Perhaps the most important hacks or advice would be to keep connected to the Internet at all times to be able to post content at all times. There was a time when I forgot to pay my bill, Spectrum disconnected me and I had to suffer. for a few days before restoring the service. So make sure you don’t make this mistake.

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