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You must visit Nepal in 2020 to explore the country and lifestyle there. As being a beautiful places, There are no barrier for age group. Nepal is a trekking paradise and full of adventures thrilling the country. Nepal is the country with the most warm and welcoming people you will find. Small small villages, temples, beautiful peaks are the main attractions of Nepal. you must visit Nepal not because of the beauty of Nepal, you must visit because of the culture and tradition of Nepal, because of the wildlife of the jungles, because of the millions of flora and fauna. There are billions of reasons that you must Visit Nepal in 2021.

Land of the Highest Mountain

Nepal, known as the country of high hills, mountains, fast flowing river, natural heritage site. Among the top ten mountains in the world, Nepal has 8 eight thousanders including the highest one Everest. As having mountain, Nepal is popular for hiking and scenic mountain flights. Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit, langtang valley and Kanchenjunga are the best hiking trails according to travelers reviews. For short time explorer, mountain flight and helicopter tour might be best choice. Everest Base Camp Helicopter tour and Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter tour are the best choice to see majestic Himalayas.Lumbini the birth place of Gautam Buddha

Gautam Buddha is worshipped by not only buddhist but others too. He was born as Siddharttha Gautam in the king’s family. Lumbini is the birth place of Gautam Buddha and it’s a very holy place for every Nepelese all over the country. Gautam Buddha is also well known as ‘’Light of the Asia’’. His way of guiding in life which is followed by many people around the world. There are lots of stupas in Nepal which are the peace temples of buddha.

Languages in Nepal

Because of so many enthic groups and their culture. The national language is Nepali but this beautiful nation speaks over 123 languages all over the country. Traveler can get knowledge about the cultural and different languages such as Newari that you can hear and learn in capital city because of the major newari groups, also you can find kirati languages, sherpa and tamanag language, tharu, maithali language were can hear in tarai regions and many other languages can found in Nepal.

Dubar Squares

Kathmandu has three beautiful durbar squares that are the gem of the valley. You can get lots of information from their museum. These durbar squares are the symbol of the historical cultural of Nepal. Kathmandu Durbar Square also known as Basantpur Durbar Square. This durbar square is surrounded by so many other architectures buildings with Kumari ghar ( house of the Living Goddess), Big Kaal Bhairav stone statue,Human Dhoka and many others things.

Patan Durbar Square is well known for newari cultural. Here you can find the Krishna Mandir and even janamaastami also celebrate in patan. Patan is popular for  historical things such as statue of siddhi Narsing Malla,Golden taps, Banglamukhi and Kumbeshwar temple. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, also known as Bhadgaon or Khwopa, is a living museum with many historic shrines. In the buildings, Bhairav Temple, fifty-five windowed palace, Golden Gate, Pond and many other things, you can find the finest Newari arts.


Pokhara is one of the most popular cities after Kathmandu in between the tourists. This is the city of the Lake which is in the western part of Nepal. Pokhara is the most beautiful city with the best views in it. In Pokhara you can do lots of things, Boating in Fewa Lake and visit the Tal barahi temple which is in the center of the fewa lake. Trevelers can expolre sunrise point Saranakot and enjoy the view of the high hill along with massif mountain range. Pokhara is a home for lots of adventure activities like; Paragliding, hot air ballooning, rafting etc or at evening you can just hit in the clubs,bar or in live music restro. Pokhara is the city to have fun and relax yourself.


Nepal is a pretty affordable country to visit and make plans for your holidays. You can survive on a small amount of money in Nepal. Food and accommodations are not so costly in Nepal and in 1 USD you can have 1 plate mo:mo for your lunch. So visiting Nepal is pretty much easy for every one and affordable as well.

I hope you got information and ideas about why you should visit Nepal once in lifetime. As a beautiful country having natural beauty, Nepal can be a best holiday destination for you.

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