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Magnetic Cord Type C Fast Charging USB Cable for Samsung and iphone

by Khaled Syfullah

Charging is one of the main factors of today’s smartphone world. Due to its immense user experience of a phone, smartphone companies are giving full attention to improving the quality of charging time. As everyone trying to improve battery charging technologies, various cable-based and wireless technologies have emerged in the market.

10 years back while Nokia was dominating the mobile phone market, micro USB chargers were the fastest charging technology with a 2A charging cable. At that time, a general battery of around 1500 mAh took around 2 to 3 hours to fully charge. But as micro USB experienced a 5A charging technology, charging time reduced but yet could not satisfy the demand of the pace of the young generation.

Later, charging technology shifted from micro USB to USB C type, which enabled fast charging to smartphones. Now a 4000 mAh mobile lithium-ion battery can be charged around 80% within 30 minutes. As USB C type cable is much less cost-efficient and has a fast charging ability than others, smartphone companies including Samsung, iPhone, Xiaomi, Huawei and others started incorporating this technology into their smartphones.

If you read up to this point, you now know why USB C type cables are important. But inbuilt quality not all cables are the same and all cables do not show the same performance. So, we are going to introduce a high quality magnetic LED light Up charging cable for your iPhone or Samsung Phone.

What are the features?

High-Speed Charging

The main purpose of Type C cable is to improve the charging speed. This is the most important thing for busy persons who do not get enough time to charge their expensive phones. Magnetic LED Light up Fast Charging cable can charge your phone very fast thus helps you to save valuable time. Moreover, due to enabled magnetic coupling produced by the cable charging speed is high compared to other competitor cables.

Built Quality and Aesthetics

The common flaw found in charging cable is due to heavy use, it gets wear and tear. Moreover, general charging cables are prone to damage, thus causing efficiency problems. This magnetic LED Light Up Charging Cable is strong, durable and abrasion resistant. Thus keeps its original form and shines for a long time. Thus aesthetically this fast charging cable is flawless.

LED Streaming

While you connect this cable to the charging adapter and smartphone, you will see red color is streaming along the cable thus creating a really good view. Many people who bought it, used this feature as a night lamp while they sleep. A great feature for those who love color in life.

Magnetic USB Fast Charger can change the way you were charging your smartphone now. Go, give it a try! It will not dissatisfy you for sure.



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