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5 Incredible Ways Robots Can Be Used to Battle the COVID-19 Pandemic

by theskfeed

In the past months, the world has undergone the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a species, we are no longer as carefree as we were. We are going through a period where we are rethinking how we conduct our lives. In short, we are going through a new normal.

As such, we will need to find new ways to live our lives, and more importantly, Fortunately, humans are resourceful creatures, and we have found ways to fight the COVID-19 Pandemic by using customized robots. Here are 5  Incredible ways robots are being used to battle the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To Retrieve Infected Individuals

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease, and it is a hazard for crowded communities because people share living space more often. The virus is spread through contact with infected fluids from coughs and spittle from an infected individual, and all it takes is one infected person to spread it in an area. This is why entire apartment buildings have been cordoned off during the early months of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Areas such as these are extremely hazardous, even for health care workers in PPE or even hazmat suits. Luckily, robots are there to pick up the slack. They are immune to the disease and can go into high-risk areas without any fear of contamination. They can be used to go into stricken communities, to retrieve infected individuals that can no longer move in their own power.

Some robots such as the are perfect for the operations because they are capable of carrying weights of over 500 pounds. They are also installed with powerful hydraulics, that gives it incredible maneuverability through rugged terrain. Overall, robots are truly literal lifesavers during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

To Disinfect Areas

There are some areas that are so infected by the Virus, that they are considered hazard zones. Even highly trained professionals are wary of going into them to conduct tests or give medical help. So before any medical frontliner goes into such dangerous places, it is best to disinfect them first. This can be a bit difficult though because there is no way of knowing which areas are infected.

This is where robots such as the UVC robot come in very handy. They are installed with aerosols sprays and sterilization equipment that allows them to disinfect areas. They are also outfitted with lenses that emit ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria. Their bodies are reinforced, which means they can take a great degree of damage. These robots can be programmed to go into an infected area, and sterilize it first without having the healthcare workers risking their lives.

They work perfectly for hospitals as well, because hospitals are hotbeds of disease and COVID patients are usually housed there. This makes the UVC robot truly indispensable because they can be programmed to patrol and disinfect areas all over the hospital.

To Keep Businesses Going

Aside from our health, yet another aspect of human life that has suffered during the COVID-19 Pandemic is the economy. It has affected both large and small scale businesses because operations were forced to close down to prevent infection. The most hard-hit businesses are predominantly manufacturers that rely on human workers as the factories were forced to close their doors.

Why not have the factory operations automated? By using robots in your operations, you can keep your business going, despite the COVID-19 Pandemic. There are various companies that sell robots such as robot arms and welding robots. If you are interested in purchasing a quality unit, click here to pick one that suits you and get a quote.

For Rescue Work

Despite the COVID-19 Pandemic, rescue workers will still need to respond to disasters. This means that they will need to go into areas that are potentially infected with COVID. Rescue efforts also entail people to work in close proximity to one another, thus increasing its chances of spreading. Luckily, there are rescue robots that can take the slack. Robots such as the BEAR can go into disaster areas and retrieve disaster victims. For fire-related disasters, the Colossus robot is equipped to do the job right. It is a versatile robot that can carry victims, fire equipment, and shoot water from a fire hose.

Natural disasters are already dangerous enough, but if compounded with the risk of the COVID-19 Pandemic spreading the situation can become almost unworkable. However, with the help of these innovative robots, we can get through any crisis. 

Delivering Food and Supplies to Stricken Areas

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, there will be areas that will be closed off due to its high-infection rate. These areas could be closed off for weeks or even months depending on how many people are infected. These areas are usually closed off, and it can be very difficult to deliver food and supplies to the COVID-19 Pandemic victims.

Luckily robots are equipped to handle this situation. Rescue units could use drones to deliver supplies to these communities. By using drones, the supplies can be air-dropped to infected communities without the risk of spreading the infection. Small and compact robots such as the iRap robot can be sent in to deliver food in even larger quantities.


COVID-19 Pandemic has forced humanity to live a new normal. These can be difficult times, and we will need to innovate and find alternatives to certain aspects of our lives.

 Most of all, we need to unite as a people and learn how to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic threat. Luckily, we are starting to fight back by using robots for a myriad of functions.

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