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What Parents Can Buy For A New Big Brother or Sister

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The arrival of a new-born is a joyous occasion for the family. With the birth, the family dynamics are changed as the new baby demands attention from both parents and their schedule have to be adjusted to cater to the youngest member of the family. If the family has older siblings, there will be impact too on them. the older sibling’s undivided love and attention from the parents are changed.  As a child, the older sibling may not understand the reason for this drastic change, on why is the love and attention transferred to the baby.

There are several good recommended items parents can buy for their older siblings. One good suggestion is to buy educational materials that can help to raise awareness, educate, and better prepare the older sibling.  For example, the parent and family members can buy books and read the contents of the books to the older sibling before bedtime.  They can buy some games which are great tools to educate the older sibling in a fun and interactive way.

Another way is to buy a big brother or big sister gift.  There are several gifts to consider and the choice of gift depends on a few factors.  These factors include firstly, gender of the older sibling to determine what to give the big brother or big sister.  Secondly, the older sibling’s character and personality – active or passive.  Lastly, the older sibling’s likes and hobbies.

Gifts For Big Brother and Big Sister

There are some gifts which are suitable for both big brother and big sister.  For example, a matching outfit for the older sibling and the baby.  Wearing matching outfit make the older sibling feel closer to the baby as it makes them look like a team and that the baby is “one of us”.  This is a practical gift as taking photos of the siblings wearing matching outfits create sweet memories.

In addition, a unisex gift suitable for the older sibling is art and craft subscription boxes.  The parents can consider buying a whole year’s subscription to keep the older sibling entertained monthly, freeing up some of the parents’ time and attention.

Lastly, a tumbler with the words “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” printed on it is a suitable gift to consider.  The older sibling will be reminded of the thoughtful gift given by the baby every time he drinks from the tumbler.  Hence, the older sibling will subconsciously remember his new role and will care for and look after the baby.

The above ways will make the older sibling feel more comfortable with the new life adjustment and be happy and more willing to take up the new role of being the big brother or big sister.  It is important for the parents and other family members to spend time to explain to the older sibling of the implications of this new family addition.  Most importantly, the parents need to assure the older sibling that they will love them both equally although more time will be spent on the younger sibling as the younger sibling is a baby.

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