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Don’t lose your precious memory? Try Preserved Roses

by theskfeed

Everyone knows. Flowers are the most common yet most appealing gift to anyone and on any occasion.

But it is also true that flowers fade away too quickly. Even within a day, it can be fade away. So, if it is gifted by someone very special, you would like to keep it for years. But is it possible?

Let’s think from the opposite side.

When you are gifting a flower bouquet to your dear ones on a special occasion like marriage anniversary, what if you try preserved roses? These preserved roses will be an ultimate gift as your wife loves flowers, and she will feel that these roses are special cause they are not fading away. Great, isn’t it?

What are preserved roses?

Preserved roses are a type of live rose that lasts for a long time. Yes, sometimes some chemicals may need to be used to keep them lively but these chemicals are not harmful to the human. The most common form of preserved roses is freeze-dried roses. Freeze-dried roses can keep its original shape, color for a long time and yet do not contain any chemicals. So, preserved roses preserve the memory for a long time. If you don’t want to lose your memory it’s better to gift preserved roses than usual roses from roadside stores. Preserved roses are often called eternal roses too.

What are the benefits of preserved roses?

  • They last for a long time and keep the memory fresh into the mind of your loved one.
  • They keep their original shape in position so that the petals do not drop.
  • The color remains almost the same.
  • As these roses crafted by special hands, they often offered in special bouquets that are different from traditional flower bouquets. These bouquets look beautiful so that you can use the flower on your drawing room as a showpiece.

Where to buy?

Yes, as you are reading this article, you might feel interested in gifting eternal roses to your dear one. It’s not easy to find these special roses here and there. So we will introduce one shop to you.

To buy preserved roses you can visit vie-fleuri.de. The benefits of buying from their online are-

  • They have bouquets of different shapes, color, and combinations. You can choose the most appropriate one for you. Bouquets look appealing.
  • You have the option to choose the colors of roses.
  • They will hand-craft your gift so that you can feel the liveliness of the flowers.
  • They preserve the roses using a freeze-dried process. So the roses are completely safe to use.


There are certain rules you need to follow to keep the eternal roses in good condition for long time. For example, you can not pour water on them or you should not put them in shiny place. As removing the excess moisture is the process to keep them preserved, you can not water them and should keep in a shady place free from excessive heat.

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