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5 Best Business VoIP Phone Service Providers That Your Call Center Can Go With In 2020

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What good are businesses without a reliable customer support team at its disposal? Today, the world is witnessing a makeshift in the working technologies as more and more startup companies are going online. Every one of them provides some unique services or customer products that retaliates the business’s dominance over several global markets. Even for companies looking to outsource their customer support solution to a country that is going to come affordable for the overall business has to rely on a call center that does the job well for them. Hence, in such a case scenario, the vitality of having a business VoIP phone service for any contact center is endless. The advantage of a call center outsourcing is that the company can handle the customer’s needs 

Business telephone systems have shaped the world for good and have altered the ways through which a company used to provide customer support. Thanks to business VoIP providers who have made this fragile dream a living reality. A VoIP phone service typically relies on a stable working internet connection to conduct international calls for businesses. It comes as a fabulous cost-effective method of providing customer support while keeping the investment costs at its bare minimum. Now, if you are looking for the best business VoIP solutions, we must say that you have landed at the right place. In this article, we are going to take a look at five of the best business VoIP phone service providers that your business can go with at its contact center in 2020.

A Brief Explanation of Business Telephone Systems and its Requirement for Your Business 

The term VoIP stands as voice over internet protocol. It is fundamentally a cloud-based internet phone service that allows you to make or receive phone calls using computers. Modern-day VoIP also come with mobile devices, so if that is what you were wondering about, then you have got nothing to worry about as well. Hence, as you are reading this, you can understand how pocket friendly it would be to have one such system for your business. Along with all these, business VoIP providers also offer a ton of features with one such system. Features include tracking of calls, recording, transferring, and whatnot. While the best part is that one such system can be used and operated from any part of the world irrespective of the business that might not have its existence at the place where the call center is.


call hippo

The champion contender standing on our list has to be CallHippo with their extremely responsive customer support team. CallHippo, as being one of the most remarkable business VoIP providers, ensures that the team working on customer support using their VoIP solution gets whatever they need and whenever they want. Additionally, CallHippo has wonderful features in its VoIP interface.

The dashboard has enough clarity. The calls are smoother and hassle-free. And the transfer and call record options happen at a mere click of your mouse. It is a modern virtual business phone system allowing you to connect with your customers without facing any troubles during the operation. Overall, CallHippo has to be the best business VoIP setups that your call center can go with now. Additionally, with the fact that you get to choose your business number from over fifty countries in the world, this service provider with even fair pricing has everything in it. 



Next in line at our list today will be CloudTalk with fair points. Probably the only one in the Business VoIP Phone Service business to offer a free trial for their service to the customers. It even has enough call features, along with great CRM integration options that make CloudTalk a good choice for many businesses across the world.

Businesses using Hubspot, Zendesk, Pipedrive as their CRM can easily go with CloudTalk to avail simple CRM integrations. Call features stand to be great as well for CloudTalk. Advanced features like the call center analytics will help you to assess and evaluate the performance of each of the agents working on the floor. Live tracking options make it even simpler for team leaders and operational heads during training. Working remotely and still attending calls is possible with Cloudtalk’s mobile applications that are available for both Android and iOS platforms.



For all the new businesses getting started with their customer support team, Vonage can be a good idea as it can be a reliable business VoIP service provider for the job. Vonage provides more intelligent and flexible solutions for its customers and helping them to be a step ahead in the customer support game.

The communication API from Vonage is pretty neat while still hosting all the basic features of a VoIP service. The most featured part of Vonage is that it even corporates video calling facilities for better client interactions during the support. Another great feature happens to be the SIP trunking, which allows a business to use Vonage with existing VoIP hardware. The pricing is even on the lower side that promises almost a negligible call rate per minute, standing at $0.0139.



To provide a complete cloud contact center solution, will stand 8×8 with their great designs, and advanced call management features. The service provider has the option of Omnichannel routing, which is an advanced form of call routing and comes within the newer call center technologies. More pleasing customer support and processing of an order as its interface support payment processing. It also can work in pairs with Microsoft Teams. Pricing for a basic phone system from 8×8 for small businesses will be from 12$.



Grasshopper standing last at our list, but never to be avoided, can also be a good choice as a business VoIP for your business. It has the option for your business to choose from a wide range of toll-free numbers. The service even lets your agents work a little quicker. It has this amazing feature of notifying every time a business call arrives, as by seeing that you can forward it to the best agent available with you during that point of time. Pricing of Grasshopper starts at $26 for a month.

Final Words 

So those were the five best Business VoIP phone service providers that your business’s call center can go with, in 2020. In case of any query regarding the same, feel free to reach us anytime and we will make sure to assist you better.

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