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How to browse the internet safely without exposing passwords?

by Khaled Syfullah

While browsing the internet, you may need to log in to many websites including social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. While you do log in you send information to the webservers. The webservers check the authenticity of the passwords and give you access to your profile.

There are many underlying technical processes that as an end-user you do not know. But a person with technical know-how knows the pitfalls of these technical processes, and with proper tools and knowledge, they can easily extract your login information. So, while you are browsing the internet your personal information, banking information, credit card information, nothing is safe. Interestingly, there are ways to make everything safe and sound.

Use a VPN Service

Virtual Proxy Network most popularly known as VPN is a technology that hides your information by encrypting it while sending it via the internet to the web servers. As a result, hackers, who try to intercept your connection and get the information gets some gibberish code that has no meaning. In this way, VPN ensures that your data is safe and secure. There are two types of VPN service available. One is free and another one is subscription-based means paid.

VPN: Paid vs Free

Nothing is free in this world. You would pay by money or by giving information that will help them to earn. That means free does not mean it is completely free.

We often do not read the software agreement terms and conditions that come with the software or application package. Often the free software’s terms and conditions are like that, they can use all information for anything. That means, if it is free, then they can earn by selling the information you provided or by using your information for providing better service. But this is not the only threat the free software including free VPN software and apps are causing. There are many other problems with using free VPN software. Identity theft is one of the major issues, as well as malware attacks, tracking usage behavior, limiting the that can be used on a free connection, not providing the actual VPN rather than providing proxy service are common these days. So, what to do to make your connection and information fully secure?

The suggestion would be to use the paid VPN service. The best thing about the paid VPN service is that they try to provide the best service because if they do not provide the best service then the customers will flee away. Paid VPN comes with dedicated servers as well as proxy networks that will prevent hackers from extracting your vital information, will protect you from malware attacks, and ultimately can give a pure out-of-the-world experience. Ad my personal choice, I would suggest NordVPN. This is because the servers are fast, provides a seamless user experience, can unblock streaming media like Netflix, great support, and so on.

Protecting privacy is important. It is more important if you do important works via the internet like internet banking or credit card purchase. Using a paid VPN service is a great way of securing personal information as well as sensitive data like social site passwords, banking information, and so on.

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