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How to Increase Your Email Marketing Conversion Rate

by theskfeed

An email marketing campaign is one of the oldest and effective means of digital marketing. When carried out properly, it is very cost-effective; it can generate up to $40 on a dollar spent. It is an age-old strategy, and one of the best ways of converting leads into sales.

While it may be easy to get people to sign up for email list, it is more difficult to get people to open your emails and read. Increasing your email marketing conversion rate maybe the most important task in an email marketing campaign.

A good email marketing strategy is the key to increasing your conversion rate. The average person is distracted by too many things and will easily skip boring emails. You must account for this and come up with a good strategy that will attract people.

A good email campaign must 

  • Make your emails convincing and eye-catching enough to get your readers to open them.
  • Efficiently get your readers to read through your emails till the end.
  • Make your leads to take the desired action whatever that may be.

It may sound like rocket science to do all that, but it is not that difficult. This article will give you tips on how to effectively increase your email marketing conversion rate. Here are the top practices that will help you create a great email marketing strategy.

Write powerful and persuasive headlines

The headline is one of the most important parts of your email copy. This will determine if a user will open or skip your email when browsing through their mailing list. Headlines are short phrase at the beginning of your email that appears first on a person’s email list. Persuasive headlines are like powerful magnets that attract your customers to click on your email. A great headline should be:

  • Clear enough to pass your message without thinking twice.
  • They should be attention-grabbing.
  • Headlines should appeal to the curiosity of the reader, their self-interest, or the two.

Make use of strong and effective CTAs

Your Call-to-action (CTA) is another important aspect you should focus on while creating your email campaigns. With your CTAs you are telling your customers/leads what you want them to do. Psychology has shown that people are 5 times more likely to follow your instruction and convert with a great CTA.

A great and convincing email copy is almost useless without an effective CTA that will make the customer take action. A good CTA should be:

  • Simple but clear enough to pass across instructions.
  • Customise your CTA based on your readers’ demographics, interest, location and so on
  • Should not sound forced to the reader.

Add Visuals to your Email Copy

Studies have shown that visuals can increase your reader’s engagement by 650% compare to using text-only. Visuals are an effective means of communication; people comprehend more when you add visuals to your email copy. Make sure you include visuals in your email marketing campaigns.

Different colours invoke different emotions; make use of colours that effectively convey what your brand stands for. Colour psychology can convey your brand effectively, be sure to account for that in your marketing strategy.

Avoid tricking people to open your mails or converts

Don’t use a headline that states an entirely different thing from your email body. Once a person has been tricked, they are likely to become resentful. They may stop opening your emails or even unsubscribe altogether from your email list. In a bid to get more people to convert, avoid making promises you cannot keep, this will paint a bad image of your brand and create distrust.

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