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5 Super Easy Ways To Increase Your Blog’s Traffic

by Adil

A blog is like your baby. You need to take care of it, update it from time to time, and also nurture it in the right way for its development and advancement. A blog is a crucial tool for marketing business and especially when you are just beginning.

And it’s hard to get everyone’s attention. So, when you’re talking about developing your blog, it’s very important you don’t give up easily.

And you must be very serious about getting traffic on your blog. You could try your hands-on audience targeting strategies.

So, let’s get started and discuss how to get started with developing your blog and get more traffic..

  1. Feed-in strategic content

So, when you aspire to increase the traffic of your blog, the first thing you should do is create simple and better content. You are familiar with the phrase, “Content is king.” And indeed it is. You create better content or let’s call it quality content, traffic falls in place smoothly.

Successful content is a kind that meets specific needs. However, you think about your audiences, what they are looking for and what they desire. According to the genre of your website, you decide your content type. It could be humorous, educational as well as useful. So, choose any one of them or a mix and match of various types and make your content appealing.

If you need more ideas? Go check out Quora for more content-related ideas related to your subject. You could also try Buzzsumo and try finding what other blogs in your field are writing about and offer something unique.

Here are a few tips to make your content more interesting…

– Create Evergreen Content: While creating content, make sure your content is evergreen. Now, you might be wondering what evergreen content is, well it is nothing but a kind of content that does not die or become irrelevant with time. Hence, you need those kinds of content which are evergreen.

– Craft attractive headlines: Headlines are the first thing which trap the attention of the users. So, you must ensure that it is action-oriented as well as awesome. Your headlines get your visitors to have a look at your article and eventually take action on it. Hence headlines are one of the most crucial parts of your content.

  1. Pick the right Keywords

Driving a huge amount of traffic into your blog through keywords is not a myth. But, bloggers get all touchy when it comes to keywords. Also, SEO is another part of your strategy. So, when you do search engine optimization, you get targeted traffic from Google, and users find their solutions from your content pieces.

So, every blogger must care about keywords. But, you must not stuff your blogs with keywords. Utilize those keywords which are contextual to the subject of your blog. Never keyword stuff your content with search queries. Link your blog posts with other relevant posts on a particular subject. Let your keywords influence the outline and help conceptualize your post.

Long-tail keywords are a thing, and they are highly competing for various popular keywords. Hence long-tail keywords can help you big time.

What are long-tail keywords?

These are a mix and match of 3 keywords. They’re easier to target and because there is always less competition for these kinds of phrases. Long-tail keywords are something that offers a chance of getting top SERP spot in Google.

For SEO bloggers finding the long-tail keywords are a bit typical. So start with Google. You can begin with a phrase and let Google’s autocomplete suggestions complete it for you. And you can make a suggestion of it. Later you could just take note of all the long-tail phrases and put them into a Google Keyword Planner.

You could also add some great plugins which are designed for aiding the bloggers with SEO. Those plugins make your work easier and let you set up URL slugs correctly, and let you create the perfect meta for your blog.

  1. Find your relevant Audiences

When you are promoting your blog, it’s necessary that you craft a strategy and spend your time on it. And you need to establish your presence on multiple social networks, and you have to try harder to excel in every social media site.

To drive more traffic, you must identify your niche and find out where you can find relevant audiences. Understanding your audiences is key to building strong referral links from the relevant websites.

A recent study by SocialBakers found that the users who asked their followers to retweet their posts received 73.48 average retweets per tweet.

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This just goes for about call-to-actions.

  1. Make your page optimized and mobile-optimized

Your audiences are not going to wait for too long for your blog to load. And today, most of the audience does not have great patience. So, they will hit the back button and leave your website.

So, you must check your website speed. Google’s page insight tool could help you give more to your site the kick you need.

  1. Comment on other blogs (competitor)

Good manners go a long way online. When you’re looking to build traffic, you would want to establish a good relationship with other bloggers in your niche.

So, go on commenting on other blogs and be active in several communities. Hence, when you have a blogger featured in one of your posts, tag them in a tweet and let them know. Also, chances are there that bloggers will retweet the post mentioning them and get more shares and traffic as well.

So you see, there are several strategies to drive traffic on your blogs. You need to choose the right topics, relevant keywords, proper content, and design to see results in no time. They say that the entire process is streamlined, and when you focus on the right strategies and proper tactics, your blog will grow in no time.

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