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How to Improve Your Website’s E-A-T

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E-A-T is one of the most discussed concepts and SEO experts always keep discussing this comprehensive implementation of Google. E-A-T stands for Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness and it defines these three factors of the content creator of the website and website itself. If you closely observe the Search Quality Guidelines from Google, they have mentioned this word more than a hundred times in their document. So, it goes without saying that this definitely deserves your attention and you should always focus on improving it.

For this, you need to opt for suitable SEO packages that will analyze your business and draft a custom strategy that will help you optimize your business. In very simple terms, E-A-T defines how great or spam the content is and rates the website accordingly. On this note, let’s have a look at how to improve your website’s E-A-T?

Give editorial credit to content

E-A-T is all about the content and the individuals who are creating the content for the readers. So, whenever you publish a highly-researched whitepaper, case study, or blog, include the name of the author(s) and their short bylines. This establishes the content as a professionally created resource.

Especially if your website falls under the Your Money or Your Life category, which broadly covers the finance and health niche, you need to take your content with utter seriousness. Google believes that if the content is impacting a person’s health or financial matters, then the content must be backed with appropriate experience. Your contact information, business-related data, and other associated information should be easily found on your website.

Personal branding is important

When it comes to establishing Your SEO company, personal brand, or your corporate website, you need to focus on personal branding. Google pays close attention to name mentions, social media signals, and important mentions by bigger brands and rewards you for that.

The more you invest in personal branding. The more trust you will gain among your audience and ultimately among the search engines, especially Google. Your ‘reputation information’ should be available easily to customers so that they can understand you and your business in a better way. If content’s authority is less. The Google raters might rate your website low or lowest in terms of credibility.

To make sure, your website always gets ranked better by Google’s raters, you must focus on personal branding. Leverage social media platforms, business forums, and conferences to add value to customers and potential customers. These branding efforts will definitely help you in improving the E-A-T of your website.

Fix or remove low E-A-T content

Another best way to improve your E-A-T profile is to fix or simply cut down the low-quality content from your website. Perform a detailed content analysis of all the web pages and blog posts, articles, resource pages, and more. Check the quality of the content and if you feel that certain copies are not adding any value or are now outdated, fix them or delete them.

However, Google never said that these low-quality pages will land you a penalty but it’s bad for your overall reputation. That is the reason, it’s better to create limited but good quality content rather than running after quantity.

Bulk content publishing will not get you any benefit rather than increasing the count of blog posts. Invest in a good content marketing strategy and keep adding more value to the readers and your customers with your content.

Upgrade your readers’ safety

Google stresses a lot on users’ privacy and security when they are on any website. If your business site is running on HTTP. It’s an alarming time to upgrade the security of your site and make sure every touchpoint of your site is secure.

Be it images, PDFs, or anything linked with your site should be secure and the purpose behind is quite simple. Google believes that when the website is following all the necessary security protocols. It is adding more value to the overall user experience.

Run a quick link scan of your website and check all the redirects and fix 404s if there are any. You can take the help of a professional SEO company that can get this done for you.

Keep a moderation on user-generated content

If you have allowed guest posts or contributors posts on your website. You need to make sure the content is of high quality and it’s backed with facts wherever needed. Keeping a check on these user-generated blogs will help you maintain and grow your E-A-T score. Wherever possible, introduce brief details about the author and also add their social media handles. Adding these things helps you retain the authenticity of your platform and the content.

These were some important key points on which you should work for improving the E-A-T of your website. Hire a professional SEO company and get started now to build your brand in the industry. This is a long-term game and you need to follow all these things in a continuous manner.

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