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5 Best blogging platforms and blog sites for 2020

by theskfeed

Blogs are of multiple uses and people use various blogging platforms according to their needs as requirements can be different for different people. Some people blog for earning money by providing exceptional and useful information through their blogs and some people use it just for promoting their products and services from real websites. Blogs are an exceptional way of creating a backlink where you can share unique and helpful information for the readers with linking back to your business website. Following are 5 best blogging platforms that would be suitable for all needs of users who want to blog for different purposes:


This is the best blogging platform for every person as there you will find the easy user interface that anyone can use with ease. Blogger.com blogs come with blogspot.com domain which is Google’s product hence your blog has the advantage over other blogs in terms of getting ranked for specific keywords. You can also map your custom domain with blogspot.com URL which can give a more professional look to your blog. Our Web Design Toronto team will help you create blogs for your website so that it could receive more link juice form high-quality content posted on your blogs.


This is the second most used blogging platform which is also an open-source for websites as you can create any sort of website using WordPress. WordPress is another useful tool where high-quality backlinks can be obtained for your website because WordPress is one of the most crawled websites by Google. Using Word Ads and Google Adsense can help you earn money from your blog and you can also use any other ad platform to earn money from your WordPress blogs. Our Website Designing Toronto is always ready to help you with designing websites or setting blogs using wordpress.com.

Wix .com

Wix is one of the most popular websites for blogging where users can get the liberty of using drag and drop features of website creators to create their blogs. It is easier to set design for your blog with wix.com because you get pre-designed templates to use from.

Wix also allows you to use various ad platforms to integrate ads on your blog so that you could earn some money from your content. You can use Wix for creating backlinks for your website but you need to have the best quality of content to do so.


Tumblr is one of the underrated blogging platforms that is the best for link building as many SEO experts use this to create backlinks for the client’s website. You can manage your own SEO campaigns using Tumblr.com as you will get SEO friendly URL where you can also add your custom domain to your blog.

You can share images, links, and videos to share on Tumblr in order to post information about your product and services. We can help you in creating the best blog on Tumblr by designing it for you along with the features you want to use.


Yes, you heard it right because Instagram is a photo-blogging site where a large number of users share information through images and memes. You can create images with useful information and post on Instagram as it will bring a lot of traffic to your website. Our Web Development Toronto can help you develop code based posts that could share all information about your products and services on Instagram in the form of an image.

Contact our team of experts if you are willing to create your own blogging platform as our web development team will provide you all the required features in your blogging platform.

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