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Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S20: Things to Remember Before Buying

by Khaled Syfullah

Which part of a smartphone is most vulnerable to damage? Yes, it is a valuable touch screen. This is the part of a smartphone that often breaks and needs replacement. But replacement is not easy and therefore many people try to make sure that is well kept, safe from scratches.

If you search on eBay or Amazon you will find tons of results for a good screen protector. But finding the best one that suits your need is the toughest job. You can check the reviews posted but still there a ton of fake reviews you cant rely on. So the best way to find a screen protector for your Samsung smartphone either it is Samsung Galaxy S20 or other variations you should keep in mind the following things-

  • Hardness

The hardness of a screen protector is important. This is because the harder it is the more durable it is. Therefore, before buying you should know which one provides a 9H hardness level. For Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, or S20 Ultra you need to ensure that the screen protector can give your phone protection from sharp objects like a knife or blade. A 9H hardness compatible screen protector will ensure that feature and you go for it. The protector should not be made of normal glass, it should be made of tempered glass if you want full protection.

  • User Experience

You bought a high-end device to browse it with more smoothness. If you use a normal screen protector, you will find it hard to browse swiftly. Therefore you should ensure that your screen protector is smooth enough to provide you a good browsing experience.

  • Full coverage

Current smartphones often do have buckled screens, curved screen,s or even punched screens. A screen protector should give whole overall protection keeping everything in function. Low-end screen protection will not cover the curved end, therefore you should not buy them. Rather than you can opt for a 3D curved screen that covers the buckled area of your screen. Otherwise, you may have cracks there if the phone suddenly drops from the hand or pocket.

  • Accessories

Many low-priced screen protectors do not come up with a full set of accessories. Before adding the screen protector, your phone’s screen should be cleaned properly and you need wipes, a cleaning cloth, or dust removing stickers to do that. Having these small accessories will ensure that there is no air bubble inside and therefore the user experience will improve.

  • High Definition

If your screen protector is not good enough, doesn’t matter how good your phone is, the screen will be blurry. To ensure you can utilize the full compatibility of your high-end Samsung Galaxy S20/S20 Plus/S20 Ultra you should buy a screen protector that is full HD and doesn’t make your screen blurry. This will improve your viewing experience on your phone.

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