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What should be my preparation strategy for ACCA exam?

by More Malik

ACCA professionals are most sought for their exceptional evaluative skills. They gets training to critically analyze the existing business establishments and suggest ideal solutions to improvise on their latest upcoming strategies. ACCA certification modifies an individual’s career prospects to increase the employability factor. In order to qualify this prestigious exam, students need to develop a guide to ACCA exams for simplifying the qualifying process of the ACCA exam.

Read ahead to learn about the numerous strategies for qualifying the ACCA exam:

Start with the study guide: Always start by preparing the first-hand document or study guide which can be consulted at any point in time to clarify the doubts. It will act as a source document comprising of syllabus, important topics, and question bank to familiarize yourself with the subject. Try to divide the syllabus into main components based on questions drawn from each section.
Order the approved textbooks from the market:

It is an efficient way of increasing your knowledge and the ethics of professionalism. Focus on developing valuable skills in finance, accounting, organizational management, and strategy.   ACCA is training to reduce the training cost for the employer. Textbooks are a great way to work on ACCA qualification as they are reviewed every now and then as per the latest requirements of the subject.

Understand the difference between different kinds of question types:

The questions in the ACCA exam are based on Multiple Choice Questions. True and False, Multiple Response Matching Questions, and Number Entry Questions. You need to understand the ways different ways of attempting a set of questions.

Familiarize yourself with the course content and instructor:. Go through the website of that particular institution to gather the entire data relevant to that ACCA learning platform. Try to contact the instructor for clearing your queries and to explore all that’s available on the website. You can also get in touch with your instructor to grab some extra tips and instructions to clear your ACCA examination.

Go for an ACCA preparatory course:

Understand the basics of learning practices and the expectations associated with it. The first thing is to consider all the available resources and to recognize the best practices for gaining the most out of the preparatory program. You need to dedicate a significant amount of time for chalking out the criteria that you have set for yourself. Then you can concentrate on full commitment to your learning process. The best advise is to get a review before signing up for any online ACCA program.
Don’t just consult one source:

Research about the latest advancements in the ACCA qualification to strategize your learning process. Improvise your skills to sync in with the latest gadgets as it’s crucial to technologically advanced courses.
Time management is an essential part of its preparation:

ACCA exam preparation requires great time management skills with a detail-oriented mindset to clear the concepts and gain expertise. It depends on patience and motivation to keep going by setting high standards for yourself. The average time to complete the ACCA preparation depends on your resilience and determination to move forward.

Students qualifying ACCA exams are evaluated based on their performance and professional experience. Qualifying an ACCA exam will never limit your employment status to a particular location but will increase the scope of your career globally.

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