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What Causes Congestive Heart Failure and Congenital Defects?

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Congestive heart failure or CHF is acknowledged as a chronic advanced condition that affects the heart muscles’ pumping power. CHF is particularly referred to as the condition when fluid develops around the heart that results in its inefficient pumping. A person has got 4 heart chambers. The heart’s upper half possesses two atria and its lower half has a couple of ventricles.

The job of the ventricles is pumping blood to the body’s tissues and organs and the atria do the job of receiving blood from the body. The condition of CHF happens when the ventricles fail to pump a sufficient amount of blood to the body.

Causes of Congestive Heart Failure

CHF can be the result of any health condition that affects a person’s cardiovascular system directly. Hence, it becomes vital to get yearly checkups as a precautionary congestive heart failure treatment.


At a time when a person’s BP isn’t normal, then it can result in CHF. There can be many causes of hypertension and one among them is viewed as narrowed arteries that turn it tougher for blood to flow.

Coronary Artery Disease

Different kinds of fatty substances and cholesterol are capable of blocking the coronary arteries that are small arteries which supply blood to a person’s heart and it causes the arteries to turn narrow and narrowed coronary arteries do restrict the flow of blood and can result in damaged arteries.

The Conditions Of The Valves

The valves of your heart regulate the flow of blood via the heart by closing and opening for allowing blood out and in the chambers. When valves don’t open as well as close appropriately, they compel the ventricles to attempt harder for pumping blood and it can be due to a heart defect or infection.

Various Other Conditions

Though heart-connected diseases can result in CHF, at times, people also suffer from other conditions that escalate their danger of CHF and they are thyroid disease, obesity, and diabetes. Sometimes, serious allergic reactions and infections too lead to CHF.

Congestive heart failure treatment is immediately required as it can turn into a life-threatening condition.

What Is Meant By Congenital Disorders?

The majority of the babies born healthy, but, at times, some babies have a condition that is present right from birth and it is known as a congenital disorder. These disorders can be caused by some environmental factors and sometimes inherited too.

Causes Of Congenital Disorders

  • Chromosomal Defects – This defect is caused by too many or too few chromosomes. At times, it is caused by issues in the chromosomes’ structure.

  • Single Gene Defects – At times, a mutation in a gene results in this defect.

  • Recessive Inheritance – At a time when both parents who don’t have the disease transfer the gene to the child, like Tay Sachs and cystic fibrosis.

The environmental causes can be alcohol, a drug, or a disease that the mother has. It can escalate the chance of a birth defect of a baby.


Most often, severe congenital heart defects get diagnosed before or after a child is born. Now, if you observe that your baby has got some symptoms and signs mentioned above, you need to consult the doctor of your child immediately.

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