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How TrackingFox helps businesses to collect and analyze information about their vehicles?

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In recent years, vehicle tracking and fleet monitoring is becoming a necessary choice for many companies and businesses. Specifically those who value the continuous growth of the services offered to their customers, as well as those who choose to place importance in the efficient development of their service representatives who form part of the company’s image.

GPS fleet monitoring from www.trackingfox.com serves several purposes. It is a financial investment as it saves the company lots of money over time, as real-time tracking system is cost-effective and affordable, especially compared to traditional methods of vehicle tracking. Live fleet management systems send data from the vehicle to the company computer through GPS tracking technology. Computers with such fleet tracking softwares are able to locate their fleet no matter where it is, and record its every movement. Data such as fuel management and vehicle maintenance are also sent. As the system features mobile locking, it helps prevent vehicle theft. This helps businesses collect and analyze information about their vehicles on the road, as well as offer accurate delivery time in order to improve on customer service for the effective growth of their business.

There are a large number of vehicles; a small-sized from about 1-10 transports, and a large fleet is one with more than a thousand transports. Generally: the bigger the number of transports in the fleet, the higher the profit. There is an impressive number of companies adopting the use of this technology and GPS tracking is already an industry that will reach the multi-billion dollar mark.

Fleet tracking systems improves on overall delivery time, reduces company expenditures, and ensures quality human resources. As company fleet is tracked in real-time, every movement is successfully recorded and analyzed. This guarantees that drivers do not make unnecessary stops or they will have to explain themselves and will have to face the consequences. If stops or a longer route is taken by the driver for valid reasons, the tracking systems will also be able to determine these possible factors. Accurate information makes it possible for the company to estimate delivery time as well as to improve on their fleet services through information analysis. Vehicle management is also an anti-theft device. If a specific vehicle is suspected stolen, mobile locking can be triggered by the system, and this immediately disables the vehicle, rendering it stationary and thus very difficult to steal. For this reason, even private individuals today install the system for personal use.

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