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How to Sleep with a Fractured Pelvis?

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Sleeping with any unusual body condition is challenging, either it’s a fracture or any other subsequent ailment. Sleeping during any illness helps the body to recover fast and improves the patient’s condition. However, it’s one of the most challenging tasks to experience shut-eye during painful health conditions.

Pelvis fracture is not a common condition, but one of the most painful and uncomfortable bones to break. The set of bones looks like a butterfly is located between our hips, known as the pelvis. It contains explicitly pubis, ilium, and ischium bones that are almost like our core base. Our pelvis covers our abdomen and reproductive parts creating a link to the spine and leg bones.

As the pelvic bone is surrounding our body’s delicate parts, the pelvis fracture almost makes it difficult to sit. In a pelvis fracture, one or more pelvic hip bones got broken that is, of course, uncomfortable. Sleeping in this situation is an extreme struggle. Therefore, we will discuss pelvis fracture causes and a few tips to make the sleep comfortable in fractured pelvis times. Have a look!

Causes of Fractured Pelvis

There can be many reasons for a fractured pelvis; however, the result is quite painful and uncomfortable. A speed car accident or falling from extreme height can cause a pelvis fracture, but that is not just why it can happen due to minor sports injuries or accidents. Also, the chances of fracture got high with bone-thinning diseases, including osteoporosis.

Pelvis fractures are of two types: stable and unstable, defined as severe and non-severe. In a stable pelvis fracture, the condition is manageable, and pelvis bones stay in their place without any crack in the pelvis ring. While the unstable type of fracture is the situation with more than two breaks in the pelvis ring and causes extreme bleeding.

An unstable pelvis fracture is a severe condition that needs to be discussed with a medical professional. The carelessness in this concern can be a severe threat to organs in the pelvic area.

Now let’s discuss some helpful ways to get a comfortable sleep with a fractured pelvis.

Useful Tips to Sleep with Fractured Pelvis

Many people face difficulty while sleeping with a fractured pelvis and stay uncomfortable the whole night. A broken pelvis may take 6-12 weeks to get completely healed. Sleeping properly with a cracked pelvis becomes a challenging task. Follow these tips to be in a comfortable position while sleeping.

Use a Bedpan

In the case of a severe Pelvis fracture, the situation almost makes the patient zero mobility, and it becomes hard to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. So, you can have the bedpan at the side of your bed to avoid the struggle of going to the bathroom, walking a long way.

At least you will feel the peace of mind if you have to get up in the middle of the night.

Use pillows

The rightly placed pillows can minimize uncomfortable movement and increase comfort. Pillow can be a great comfort companion in case of a pelvis fracture. You can put a pillow under your knees for elevation that will relax the pelvis portion.

Rightly place the pillow under your head and neck leveling your head with your spine.

Lay on your back

It is an excellent posture to sleep on the back while having a fractured pelvis. Patients with pelvis fracture must be careful about the sleeping position as the right posture can avoid more damage to the pelvis and nearby organs.

Laying on back, placing a pillow under your knees keeps your spine and pelvis aligned. This posture supports the neighboring muscles of your pelvis and also helps the pelvis heal quickly.

Use Prescribed Medicines

A fractured pelvis comes with severe pain that you will have to live with for the first several weeks. Sleeping with pain is quite impossible, so to cope with the painful situation, the patients use different medications such as over-the-counter painkillers and antibiotics. Take before 30 minutes of going to bed to get the pain relieved properly.


2000mg cbd oil sleep has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. The patient with a pelvis fracture can consume CBD to get rid of pain and post-fracture anxiety. Take CBD oil or edibles before almost an hour of going to sleep. CBD topicals are a great option to apply in the affected area to alleviate the pain directly. However, discuss with your healthcare provider before using any CBD product.

Final Words

After following these tips, you would get the better sleep that you deserve and need. Patience is the key to deal with this uncertain situation. While getting up in the morning, move slowly from the bed, and don’t push pressure on your pelvis. Roll to your side gently and put weight on your forearms to come into a slightly sitting position.

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