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Early Learning at Home Ideas to Support Your Little One’s Development

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Children are born eager and receptive to learning. That is why parents’ primary responsibility is to provide their kids with a stimulating environment and plenty of opportunities to learn.

Your toddler’s first school is your home, and you are his/her first and most influential teacher. Take delight in playing an active role in your child’s cognitive, social, and overall development.


There are numerous things you can do to boost your toddler’s progress. For starters, you can try the following early learning at home ideas that your child will surely enjoy:

“Simon Says”

Simon Says” is a classic game that is not only fun and exciting but an effective learning tool as well. For one, the game teaches your child how to follow directions. Your kid needs to do whatever “Simon” tells him/her to do.

This simple game also helps develop your little one’s listening skills as he/she needs to hear the words, “Simon says,” before performing the command. Give multi-step instructions to keep your child active and improve his/her sequencing skills. For instance, “Simon says, jump five times, then sit down.” You can also heighten your toddler’s body awareness by calling out commands that require him/her to identify specific body parts.


Hide-and-seek is an exciting game that helps your toddler’s cognitive development. From the time you cover your face with a blanket to play peekaboo, you are already teaching your baby that objects can still exist even if they cannot be seen.

When you ask your child to look for you or find a hidden object, you encourage him/her to learn how to solve problems. As your kid tries to find a hiding spot, he/she can practice his/her decision-making skills and independence. He/she will also learn patience and perseverance during the process.

Obstacle Course

Create an obstacle course suited to your child’s age. You can use pillows, plastic chairs and tables, jump ropes, and other items. Try setting up the course in your backyard so that your kid will have more space to run, crawl, jump, and do all sorts of activities.

Going through an obstacle course is great for developing motor skills, endurance, agility, and balance. This game also offers your child the opportunity to learn the value of determination to achieve a goal.

Sensory Exploration

Exposing your little one to various types of sights, sounds, texture, and taste can significantly boost brain development. What better way for your kid to use all his/her senses, than by taking a walk in the garden where interesting things surround him/her?

Encourage your child to feel the texture of dry leaves, fresh flowers, and the grainy soil. You can also ask him/her to smell the breeze and the different scents of the flowers. Let your child identify the colours of plants and flowers and soak everything in.

Do not be in a hurry. Remember that your child needs to savour the experience. If your toddler feels excited, digging the ground or rolling in the grass, let him/her. Your little one would be more open to learning if he/she is relaxed and happy.

The above-mentioned early learning at home ideas may seem too simple, but they work. Keep in mind that young children learn not by sitting on a desk and listening to lectures. They acquire knowledge by exploring their surroundings, using their different senses, playing, and having fun. The clue is to be sensitive to your little one’s needs and have a blast doing things together!

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