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Advanced Features to Consider While Finding CCTV Surveillance Company

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find best cctv surveillance company

find best cctv surveillance company

So, you are trying to find a CCTV surveillance Company that can provide advanced security systems. Do you know what features to look for when trying to upgrade? There are certain features which will make your premises safer and that is what we will consider here. 

CCTV should not just be about safety, your convenience matters as well. Some of the features you should ask about when you find CCTV surveillance Company providing cameras should include those that will not inconvenience you. 

Motion Detection 

If you have an area that is rarely used and yet you need surveillance for that area, a motion detector camera would be the best option. These cameras only start recording when they sense motion. This is a convenient feature to have because if you ever have to carry out a forensic investigation, you will not have to stare at zillion hours of absolutely nothing taking place. The footage you end up with is restricted to when there was movement around there. You can also inquire if an alert can be added so that when the camera starts recording, the surveillance team is also alerted. Such a feature can prevent a crime, not just investigate it.

Facial Recognition 

At the moment this is considered a premium service by many surveillance companies so it doesn’t come cheap. However, it is a feature that can make your security a lot better. Think of a business that would like to identify persons who are not allowed in the building because of past illegal acts. Facial recognition can spot that individual and alert the surveillance team who will immediately remove that person from the building. It can also be used to identify VIP guests or repeat customers who you want to provide special treatment. This will not just improve security, but also improve customer service. You should however note, that facial recognition is not at a stage where it can work independently of humans so someone needs to watch the screen for it to be effective. 

Thermo Detection

Today, we do not just try to stay safe from crime, we also want to be healthy. Thermo detection cameras can sense the temperature of individuals and alert the surveillance team when a person has a temperature above normal. As part of standard operating procedures, most buildings have temperature guns to detect possible COVID-19 cases. CCTV with Thermo detection makes it easier because people do not have to line up to get their temperature taken and in case a person’s temperature goes up after they have accessed the building, it can still be noted.


The time when your premises are most likely to be at risk is the time when there is a limited amount of light. Cameras work best with light so if it is limited or no light, that could be a big problem. That is why you should ask the surveillance company if the cameras they will provide have infrared technology. Cameras with infrared will use this technology to illuminate an object within their field of view so that it is recognizable. So even when there is total darkness, the camera will capture visible footage.

Number Plate Recognition

If you manage a big fleet of vehicles or you would like to organize the parking lot, cameras with automatic number plate recognition will make this much easier. These cameras will keep a log of vehicles that gain access to the parking lot and those that leave. You can use it to restrict access to parking spaces as well as reduce the pileup of vehicles waiting to get into a restricted area. There are many ways this feature can be utilized both for security and convenience.

Interactive Audio Control

Some areas with restricted access may need cameras that have interactive audio. This will allow a person in the control room to talk to a person they see in front of the camera. In case someone wanders off into a restricted area, the control room doesn’t have to send someone to talk to them, they can simply activate two-way audio and talk to the person in that area.


Your business or even domestic needs may determine which features are most important for you. It is a good idea to first ask yourself why you need CCTV surveillance then go ahead to list features that will provide that solution. You need to think beyond being able to capture footage of what goes on around the premises. Your convenience matters a lot as well. Finally, think of whether you want to store all the footage from surveillance and then decide on the kind of storage you would like. Surveillance companies can provide you with the option of cloud storage which is more secure and can store large amounts of footage but comes at a higher price.

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