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A Guide to Ace IBPS SO Exam

by Adil

The IBPS SO or the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection Specialist Officer exam is conducted to select various scale positions in public sector banks. The exam pattern differs, and the prelims will be conducted online on 26th and 27th December 2020.

What is the Purpose of Specialist Officers?

Specialist Officers are aspirants from different streams and fill posts such as Rajbhasha Adhikari, IT Officer, Accounting Officer, HR Officer, etc. The SOS helps public sector banks cope with technological advancements to maintain efficient functioning.

Why Do You Need A Guide To Crack The Exam?

The Specialist Officer post is, thus, highly coveted. Aspirants from all over India apply for this post and, hence, an exam is conducted to select the most suitable candidate. Competing with thousands of examinees across India is a challenging task, and therefore you will need a strategy to help crack the exam.

The first step in your strategy should be to familiarise yourself with the IBPS SO Examination syllabus. It helps you understand which areas you should focus on and how you can improve. You can also opt for an online mock test to help familiarise yourself with the examination question pattern.

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How to Ace This Examination

The exam date is near, and aspirants will be trying to find the best resources to help them ace their exams. A well-planned strategy and a few helpful tips can help you get closer to cracking the exam. Thinking of how you can crack this exam and secure a coveted post? Take a look at the following tips:

  • Understand the Exam Pattern: Different IBPS SO positions have different exam patterns. Hence, familiarise yourself with the exam pattern for the position you want. You can find the exam pattern online or even go through previous years’ question papers to understand the general examination pattern.
  • Good Time Management: Aspirants from all over India take this exam in hopes of securing a post. Hence, those who want to crack the exam know that they must have enough time to prepare for the exam. Proper time management can help candidates sufficiently prepare for the exam, even with little time. Understanding the question pattern and identifying areas where one should focus more on allows candidates to allot specific times for different topics. Hence, they can follow a schedule and complete their preparation within a short amount of time.
  • Practicing Previous Years Question Papers: Going through old question papers helps candidates understand the pattern of examination and helps them identify trends and the scoring pattern for different topics. Practicing old question papers is crucial for students to understand the format thoroughly and identify their problem areas. Before you take the examination, practicing old question papers is highly recommended.
  • Mock Tests: Mock tests cannot only help you identify your weak posts but also helps with time management as well. All of your hard work may go to waste if you cannot finish the paper on time. Hence, practicing mock tests before the final examination day helps you prepare for the real-world situation. Not only can you see what your weak points are, but you can also understand how you should allot your time to different sections so that you can finish the paper on time.
  • Notes: When you identify important topics and your weak points, it is important to take notes. Jotting down the important points can help you remember them better and help you with a quick revision before your exam. Depending on which position you apply for, there are different topics that you will need to study. Ensure that you highlight the important topics and take notes for parts that you do not understand well.
  • Revision: As you allot for studying, ensure that you keep sufficient time before the final exam to revise what you have studied. Revision is crucial to help you refresh your memory and go through everything that you have learned. When you are studying, taking notes to highlight important topics and weak spots can help you ensure that you can go through the notes and revise quickly before the exam. Organized notes ensure that you can easily turn to particular topics that you may not be confident about.

Examinations are always tricky, and IBPS SO is not different. Since people from all over India take this examination, the competition is tough. Hence, a well-planned strategy is crucial to ensure that you can go through all of your material and be well-prepared for the examination.

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