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6 Surprising Ways to Make Your Mind Anxiety Free

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The way current working standards have become challenging, people are struggling to cope with the stress. Moreover, balancing personal and professional life is another challenge that people are trying to manage in the current scenario. Thus, stress and anxiety have become common experiences for most people. Anxiety can appear as a panic attack when worrisome news comes your way. If anxiety starts interfering with your life, relationships, or productivity, then you might have an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can be treated by changing your lifestyle. Let’s have a look at some of the immediate changes that will help you in fighting anxiety.

6 surprising ways to make your mind anxiety free

6 surprising ways to make your mind anxiety free


Exercise is one of the easiest ways to combat stress and anxiety. It helps release endorphins that act as natural painkillers. Endorphins also improve your mood. Exercising also improves your sleep quality which is negatively affected by anxiety. Exercising also promotes mental well-being as you start feeling confident. Walking, dancing or yoga should be good exercises to do. You can spend some time in the gym or the park in the morning to warm up your body and prepare for the day. People who do regular exercise are less likely to experience anxiety.

A cup of coffee

Coffee can do wonders in terms of reducing anxiety as it’s an energy booster. It consists of caffeine which kills free radicals and refreshes the mind. A hot cup of coffee in the morning will give you enough energy to get through the day without feeling stressed or anxious. Brewing coffee can be a tough task in the morning. So, you can buy coffee pods to make coffee for yourself. These pods come in amazing flavors and are good to make one cup of hot espresso. Moreover, these coffee pods are biodegradable and will help in reducing  your household’s carbon footprint. 


Till a few years ago, meditation was known to be practiced by yogis or spiritual people. But after a lot of research being done on meditation, it is proved that it helps in personal growth and improves health as well. Some health benefits of meditation are:

  1. Meditation helps in increasing the grey matter feisty in the brain. Grey matter is important for learning, compassion, and self-development. 
  2. Mindful meditation evokes relaxation which helps relieve stress and anxiety. Hence, you become more productive and focused in life.
  3. Meditation is also known to treat mild to moderate depression in people. 

Regular meditation controls the normal cognitive decline of the brain that happens with aging. A few minutes of meditation in the morning will help you calm your mind and rejuvenate you.

Reflect on positivity

There will be times when you will feel anxious and stressed. Instead of focusing on things that aren’t working, divert your attention to the positives of your life. Appreciate and celebrate what you already have achieved. You can start your day by writing down your achievements in a diary. Beginning your day with gratitude will bring positivity in your mind and your confidence will improve. You will be amazed at how much you have already achieved and are thankful for.

Deep breathing

When in anxiety, stress hormones are released and you experience symptoms like quicker breathing, faster heartbeat, and constricted blood vessels. Deep breathing exercise activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls the relaxation response. During deep breathing, your lungs expand and your belly rises. This helps in slowing your heart rate, allowing you to feel calm. Deep breathing exercises like abdominal breathing, belly breathing, paced respiration, diaphragmatic breathing, etc. are good to do.

Spend time with friends and family

Support from friends and family is helpful in getting you through stressful times. Having a friend network gives you a sense of belonging. For women, spending time with friends and family helps release oxytocin, a natural stress reliever. Based on a study, people with fewer social connections are more likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. Thus, keep meeting friends and family members and sharing your thoughts and feelings with them to relieve anxiety.

Stress and anxiety will always be a part of your personal and work life. These are some simple ways to reduce the pressure you feel and get your mind off stress. Exercise, meditation, and mindfulness can help you relieve anxiety. Your overall work-life balance will improve as well.

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