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Things You Must Know about Logging Truck Accidents

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Do you have the experience of sharing the road with log trucks, each weighing more than 80,000 pounds when driving on a highway? The answer would surely be yes if you need to drive on the highway frequently. 

Has the immensity of those vehicles ever forced you to wonder how much damage can this huge vehicle cause? Is the trucker focusing enough on smaller vehicles around the massive beast that they are driving? Is there a possibility that the trucker is under the influence? What would happen if there’s a small lapse in concentration? Will I develop fatal injuries if a log truck hits my car? Are there truck accident lawyers Hanover, OH, who can help me? 

Each of the above questions is pertinent and you should be aware of the answers if you drive on the highway regularly. It’s needless to say that the situation can turn truly catastrophic if a logging truck hits another vehicle. What’s worse is that each year sees many such accidents take place in Hanover. Read on to know more about logging truck accidents. 

Logging Operations Are Different from Other Trucking Operations 

Ask an expert about the most dangerous jobs in America. The list they provide will surely have logging operations as one of the first few entrants. The majority of the logging truck accidents either leave the victims disabled for life or result in their death.

Logging trucks need to carry much greater loads compared to regular semi-trucks and thus are usually more dangerous. Drivers in charge of logging trucks and the logging companies need to abide by different sets of rules than other trucking companies. The logging trucks have a significantly higher rollover rate. Additionally, the cargo often breaks free when the drivers try to avoid accidents, which causes further problems for the logging company.  

Causes of Log Truck Accidents 

Most log truck drivers need to drive continuously for long hours. They often need to drive through winding roads, a job that requires extreme awareness and caution. Driving without enough rest makes it difficult for these people to have enough focus on their job. And that’s one of the main reasons behind the increasing number of log truck accidents. Here are some of the other prominent causes of log truck accidents:

  • Poor cargo loading 
  • Driving the truck without any professional training 
  • A drowsy and distracted driver 
  • Not following the road signs 
  • Speeding 
  • Poor and unsafe road conditions 
  • Poor vehicle maintenance or equipment failure 
  • Substance abuse by drivers 
  • Tire blowouts or bald tires
  • Flying debris 
  • Not utilizing warning signs 

Speeding log trucks and face trucks with poorly loaded cargo may face rollovers. Flying debris, on the other hand, might block the vision of the trucker and result in a collision with other vehicles. Such accidents can also occur when there’s a tire blowout and the driver hits vehicles around them after losing control of the log truck. Additionally, there are several instances where collisions take place when the log truck driver ignores the warning signs. 

Final Words 

The only way to avoid log truck accidents is by increasing awareness among drivers and logging companies. This should be coupled with thorough training for the job.

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