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Learn These Tricks To Go One Step Ahead With Instagram Videos

by theskfeed

Earlier, Instagram was just a photo-sharing app with an option to apply random filters. Today, Instagram has over 700 million active users and is the primary marketing channel for brands. Instagram has grown beyond anyone’s expectation in terms of its demographic and user base.

When Instagram first introduced videos as regular posts, it changed the content consumption habits of the users. People love to watch videos because they are more engaging than a photo. Instagram videos get more comments as compared to an image, according to NewsWhip.

The only reason why everyone is using Instagram videos as their primary type of content is that videos generate more meaningful engagement than a photo. There is a lot behind those amusing videos than instagram video editor apps. Mastering the art of creating compelling Instagram videos requires a lot of efforts and skills.

Let us take a closer look at best tips to create high quality engaging Instagram videos that your followers would love to watch.

Set Clear Goals

Before you begin to create your next compelling Instagram video post, it is critically important to set realistic and clear goals for your job. Your goal can be anything like gaining more followers, expanding reach, or driving traffic to your website. Setting clear goals will help you create a quality video that your followers will love to watch.

You will have to use a different approach for different goals to succeed at Instagram marketing. Instagram videos are a great tool to connect with the audience, and setting a precise target is an integral part of the Instagram strategy.

Tell A Story

Storytelling is a powerful tool to boost engagement on social media platforms. It is a proven method that modern marketers have been using to attract, engage, and convert potential customers. When you tell a story with your content, the viewer gets hooked and engages with your videos.

Instagram is a visual inspiration platform, and visual storytelling is the best way to inspire others. Get creative and use your creative ideas on how you choose to share your story. Storytelling helps your followers to understand what you are passionate about in your life, and this creates a real connection.

Create Unique Content

The worst thing to do while creating Instagram video content is to copy someone else’s content. Copied content will not only damage your credibility, but it can also lead to immense copyright penalties. Even the Instagram algorithm is getting better at detecting duplicate content.

You can seek inspiration from other accounts, but the core part of your content should be unique and engaging. It is critically important to focus on the quality rather than the number of your posts. An Instagram account with 25 original posts will have a higher engagement rate than that of an account with 100 mediocre copied posts.

Create A First Impression That Lasts

People scroll all day on Instagram, so it becomes a challenge to grab their attention and make them watch your video. Our reducing attention span is getting to a point where it is shorter than that of a goldfish. It has fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.

The first frame of your Instagram video should be attention-grabbing so that viewers can watch and engage with your content. You can use multiple options to create a lasting first impression. For instance, you can use a cinematic view as an opening scene of your video with an upbeat sound.

Adjust The Right Lighting In Your Videos

You don’t need heavy lighting professional tools and kit to create the best light for your videos. Also You have to play smart when it comes to deciding the lighting of your video. Along with that you have to follow several guidelines to enhance the quality of your videos in terms of the perfect lighting.

You can make use of natural light if your office or apartment has windows. You should not shoot your video in an overhead light as it creates very odd visual effects. Keep moving your subject unless you find the best place with perfect lighting. 

Use The Best Format And Size

The best format for Instagram video is mp4 with H. 264 codec and AAC audio, 3,500 kbps video bit-rate. It allows you to upload a video of size 15 MB. Choosing an mp4 format video for Instagram will change your Instagram game for good.

Apart from the format, it is critically important to use the right dimension for your Instagram videos. The best dimensions for your Instagram video is 864 px by 1080 px. Vertical videos perform better on Instagram, as most of the users are on mobile.

Use Video Editor Tools

There are many types of video editing software and apps available for free to enhance the quality of your Instagram video. You can add several visual effects, transitions, and more using a video editor free online. This software also provides great help in editing the videos that your followers will love to watch.

It is advisable to use online video editing tools than any mobile app because a mobile app will have a lot of limitations as compared to an online video editor.

Use Different Types Of Video Ideas

Once you know what it takes to create the perfect Instagram video, its time to experiment with the type of videos to post on your feed. You can always create your type of video post, but here are the few examples of videos that create maximum impact.

  • Teaser videos
  • Time-lapse videos
  • Stop motion videos
  • Explainer videos
  • User-generated videos

There is no particular rule for creating Instagram videos. You can explore your creativity to come up with your new type. The primary objective of using Instagram should be visual storytelling, so make sure you use all the techniques along with your creativity.


These are some of the most prominent tricks to master the art of creating compelling Instagram videos. Instagram is steadily evolving to create a better experience for its users. You must follow the current trend of videos to meet your objective for using Instagram.

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