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Five fabulous financial gifts this Raksha Bandhan for your sister

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Your sister is precious o you right? You want that your sister gets everything that is best for her. After all, being a brother, you feel affectionate and protective towards your beloved sister always. 

There are many gifts that you can decide to give to your beloved sister on this Raksha Bandhan. This time, it would be great if you go financial. You can give her something that is fulfilling and financial in nature. Below are five financial gifts that you can consider giving to your beloved sister.


  • Life Insurance Policy 


Yes, this is a wonderful choice for sure. You can go for the best life insurance policy for your beloved sister. You can look around in the options and then pick one that you think is great for your sister. Actually, this is a really practical gift of purchasing life insurance for your beloved sister.  This is something that is going to give them peace of mind for sure. Your gift would not just give them a joy but a security too. Your sister would be happy that you thought about her life and that of the security of her owns. If anything happens to her, the life insurance is going to come really handy for her. Indeed, what can be a better choice than gifting a life insurance to your adorable sister? And if you think that it is going to make a hole in your budget or pocket then you are mistaken. Once you look around, you would come across the insurance policies that are absolutely reasonable.


  • Go for a Health Insurance Policy or Plan 


Of course, if you take into consideration the present-day lifestyle and rising health issues, you might even pay premium for a health insurance policy on the behalf of your beloved sister. It is going to guard her from uncertainties. There are various websites that can help you to purchase these policies that too inside few minutes. However, you need to remember that you will not receive tax benefit against the health insurance policy  present you gift to your sister.  So, make sure that you do the proper planning and make a move. Come on, the satisfaction and happiness that your sister is going to be financially strong at the unfortunate time of any health problem can be really comforting.


  • Gold ETF


Gold is also an option to gift to your sister on this day. This shining yellow metal will guard her from any economic crisis and is going to work as border during volatile times. It is certainly advisable to gift gold ETF or that of gold mutual fund as physical gold could carry some sort of risk of storage and holding pricing. Gold elves are apparently passive investment instruments that are grounded on price movements and investments in that of physical gold.  But again, the choice is yours, you can either go for Gold ETF or can also choose to give gold as a present. After all, gold is also an investment in terms of financial stability. You can always look for the Gold funds or other things and find out what is most apt for you to go for. After all, the choice is yours to go physical in gold or otherwise.


  • Bank FD or Fixed Deposits 


Well, then if you are of the conventional kind of person then you can also go for an FD. Yes, on this conservative side you can give fixed deposit to your beloved sister to dodge any sort of market risk. With low risk, this powerful asset class comes with less rate of interest. Short-term debt funds and even that of fixed maturity plans might even be considered.  So, the point is you can ensure that when the need be, your sister can simply liquified the FD or fixed deposit that you start on this auspicious  occasion of Raksha Bandhan. You can find different options in fads and also ensure that you pick the one that gets you the utmost possible interest. Moreover, you can also ensure that you choose the amount of the FD you want to save for your sister. Over the time, it is going to add up with some sort of interest. You can also ensure that you make a few fads for her so that she does not need to open the entire amount at once. She can open the suitable sized FD and ensure that she has the right one. IN this way, there would be a good FD in the hand of your sister. You would have the contentment that you have made a not so risky FD and it is now locked in your sister. Over the time, may be drop by drop, it would expand in the shape of interest.


  • A SIP 


Now, you might have heard about this thing right?  SIP or systematic investment plan of a mutual fund is a good way to give a gift to your beloved sister. Once you do this, you ensure that you are protecting her in the background.


So, whether you choose life insurance of India gift option or any other financial present for your sister; it is going to be a sensible choice on your part. When you are giving something to your sister on this Raksha Bandhan; why not a financial present for protecting her future in a way? 

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