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Five Advantages Of Being Digital

by Asif Ali

The digitization has changed the way people entertain, think, do business, trade, learn, shop, teach, live, and help. But did you know that being digital makes your business efficient, boost productivity, and open new opportunities? The development of smart apps, programs, and software has given companies an easy solution to manage their everyday tasks without anyone’s help.


Moreover, adopting electronic signatures like eSign Genie, AI, and implementing remote working tools helps businesses innovate and scale like never before. Moreover, cultural changes that you make also promote a healthy working environment.


How Can Digital Technology Drive Business Growth?

Below are the five benefits of digital transformation could bring to your workplace:

1.Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Did you know 20% of the workweek is wasted looking for information? It is a big inefficiency that costs businesses a huge amount of money. With digital technology enhancement, the devices have become more faster, lighter, compact, and more versatile. Its use in the work premises speeds up the whole workflow and offers your employees the ultimate resource – i.e., more time. Companies can now automate functions that previously need employees.

Tasks such as data entry, bookkeeping, contact management can be partially or fully automated. It allows businesses to work more efficiently without any risk of human error. Digitization also allows businesses to evaluate all production processes and identify issues and challenges correctly. Furthermore, the digitization of documents and the fading of time and space barriers offer better optimization of resources and streamline production processes.

The use of analytical tools gives all the information you require to make informed decisions. Moreover, data-driven insights help you understand your customers well. This allows you to alter your business strategy that enables better hyper-personalization, real-time feedback, relevancy, and agility. Business owners can use structured and unstructured data from many sides of the business to make the digital transformation journey smooth. It also boosts accuracy, response time, and efficiency. Making informed decisions quickly give businesses a great edge over their competitors and help them achieve goals fast.

2.Easy Sharing and Storage 

People now depend on mobiles and computers with the internet to get instant answers to the questions that they might have. Digital technology also allows businesses to make use of unlimited data available online at the fingertips.

They can even store information in large amounts locally or remotely on the cloud. All they need is to register at the best cloud vendor and stay as a free member or premium member depending on your unique business needs. Moreover, digitization has also opened up new opportunities when it comes to jobs.

Did you know freelancers are expected to become most of the workforce in the United States by 2027? Plenty of companies are adopting flexible work-from-anywhere policies so that their employees can access digital technology remotely.

3.Improve Customer Experience

The obsession of the world with digital technology has created more demands. Every customer now wants quick and fast solutions to their problems. Thus, it has become vital for companies of all sizes to deliver a stellar experience. Moreover, organizations must be prepared to cater to customers’ unique demands and needs.

Businesses can use digital transformation to take the customer experience to the next level. This allows companies to earn much more trust, authority, and respect from customers in no time.

Did you know 92% of leaders create mature digital transformation strategies to enhance the consumer experience? Moreover, using electronic signatures, business can insert signature in word or share the documents online with your clients. This allows your clients to sign them from any device anytime and anywhere. It makes the signing process much streamlined, easy, and smooth.

4.Nurture Digital Culture

 To compete in today’s cloud-first world, companies must adopt a friendly and smart digital culture. It refers to the environment where business leaders use advanced technology and tools to help the company thrive and get the work done effectively.

Did you know organizations with strong digital culture have 6 times more employees that feel empowered? The digital workplace allows the workforce to stay productive in the transformation without feeling disconnected from the process.

 When we talk about digital culture, we are talking about how people work – individually or together. It actually immerses the workforce in a digital learning environment and nurtures employee engagement. The right digital culture also helps the employees prepare for years ahead to become digital-savvy employees and grow in their roles.

 5.Big Cost and Time Savings

Every financial decision is a vital part of any business. Adopting digital technology could help you make cost-saving smartly and bring tons of perks for your company for a long time.

Furthermore, by adopting e-signature technology, you can make your business tasks more affordable and go paperless. Therefore, you do not need any hard copy of your documents and no need to spend money on printouts, Xerox, papers, etc. This also means no messy paperwork at all. It is because you can also place all your digital documents, records, and transactions in the digital form as long as you want.

These money savings can be used in plenty of opportunities that would help your business reach incredible heights. Moreover, if the signatory party resides in another country, they can receive the document online and sign it instantly. Remember, if you an environment lover and want to make your organization environmental-friendly, opt for eSignature in your business today.


Digital technology has helped us stay connected in ways that were not possible before. It is also transforming the world in tons of aspects. Before initiating a digitization procedure for your business, make sure you set your objectives, find out what your competitors are doing, and how digital technology could enhance your customers’ bond.

An electronic signature is one of the advancements of technology that can make every person’s life easy. Top online signature maker will ensure your business grows fast while allowing you to contribute to the environment. It also ensures higher safety and security for confidential documents. Therefore, make sure you make a signature a part of your business.

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