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Finding Alternate Stairlift Variations

by jishu

Although there are number of different types of stairlift in the market, most fall into two primary categories: straight and curved. The latter are the more bespoke, as the stairlift rail has to be developed to fit around the contour of your stairs. This makes them more expensive and implies you’re unlikely to find a reconditioned stairlift Singapore set suited for your specific curved stairs.

Most stairlift controls are user-friendly and can be set up on either side of the lift, depending on whether you are right or left-handed. The best method of familiarising oneself with the various kinds, and how they function, is to schedule to have a go at one out at a disabled living centre, neighbourhood movement centre or a manufacturer exhibit.

Other types of stairlifts

These are much less common and are normally used in scenarios where a straight or curved stairlift isn’t appropriate for some reason.

Vertical ‘through-floor’ lifts

These bring you from one level of your home to another via a hole in the ceiling/floor– for example, moving directly from the living room up to the bedroom. The rail of the stairlift affixes to the wall surface. They are more prevalent for mobility device users who are not able to move safely to a stairlift seat. They can also be a choice if your stairs aren’t suited for an ordinary stairlift– for instance, if it’s too slim or if it’s a spiral stairs. Upright lifts are the most costly kind to mount as they will require substantial building work to produce a suitable opening, set up the lift and make it good once more afterwards.

System Stair Lift

A system stair lift can be fitted for straight or curved staircases and is meant for people who are in mobility devices or make use of other mobility tools, such as pedestrians. This kind of stair lift has either an open system or a confined system. Open platform stair lifts have doors, sides or guardrails while encased system stair lifts resemble a residence elevator, however both kinds are large sufficiently to deliver two individuals.

Standing Stair Lift

A standing stair lift is intended for individuals who have difficulty sitting and standing due to pain or inflexibility in their lower limbs, either because of old age, disease, or special needs. This type of stair lift might include a raised seat, slanted seat or a “barstool” kind of design that makes standing from a semi-seated posture simpler. Some stair lifts might be developed to simply permit you to stand straight up. A standing stair lift can be adapted for either a straight or curved stair and is commonly created with features such as a seat belt, intuitive controls and the capability to park on a landing.


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