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Would Artificial Intelligence Be Able to Master Consciousness & Creativity?

by theskfeed

The machine is far too good at calculations, sequencing, the prediction based on data input, and various other things. They can do this better than human beings. Can they master consciousness and creativity just like their counterparts; they humans? Humanity itself doesn’t know much about consciousness. Not now. 

machine learning

machine learning vs deep learning

Machine Learning & Deep Learning.

Machine learning is the most essential part of artificial intelligence. Without it, artificial intelligence is just a dream that can never be realized. Without it, machines are as dumb as animals. Without it, machines are as useless as a toy. What is machine learning by the way? How is it being used in the products based on Artificial Intelligence?

Machines learning totally works on data. You give the data to the machines. The machine learns how to find out the patterns, anomalies, and sequences in the data. How do you think a machine won Dota 2 against a human being? It was trained first. It was given data on that game. It figured out all the possibilities in the game. Using that used data, it defeated the human being.

A human was only seeing the vivid possibilities from time to time. But the machine was having all the possibilities at a time and playing accordingly. That was deep learning. It is a level up for machine learning. Machines can learn anything. They can learn about Safety Eyewear Program and at the same time, they can also learn about Biology. They don’t work in particularized learning mechanisms. They are very open to the learning process whether you are feeding them with constructive information or a destructive one.

The threshold of Creativity.

Creativity is the most crucial trait of a human being. Humanity is witnessing colors in life due to creativity. Humanity is witnessing the wonder in life due to creativity. Humanity is witnessing unimaginable structures due to creativity. When normal human thinking stops working, that’s where creativity pops in.

Humans can make machines learn about data, calculations, and various other things. How to make machines learn creativity from a human? Because humans themselves haven’t yet explored how creativity works in a human brain. How can they further ignite creativity in machines? There is a very long way to cross for machines to learn creativity. Machines can be efficient. Machines can be smart. Machines can be instant. Machines can be abrupt. Machines cannot be creative. That’s the thin-lined difference between machines and human beings.

How Hard it is To Master Consciousness?

Human beings learned how to do calculations through mathematics. Calculations can be simple. Calculations can be complex. Calculations can be very tricky as well. As humanity sought help to do the calculation better and precisely, it helped the machines learn these calculations. Today, machines can do better calculations than a human being. Better means doing the calculation taking less time.

It means doing the calculation taking an nth second of time. It also means doing it without errors and omissions. Today, machines are better at these calculations than human beings. But doing better calculation doesn’t make them consciously aware. Doing better calculations doesn’t make them creative. It is something that humans haven’t yet discovered how to transmit it into the machines.

It is far beyond the excellence and skills of human beings. Perhaps humanity would never be able to teach the consciousness to the machines. They would always be good at doing better calculations than humans. They would always be better doing a lot of things than humans. But they would never be able to think consciously just like human beings. That would be the only difference between humans and machines. That would be the only deficiency in machines as compared to humans.

Critical Analysis of Artificial Intelligence.

Humans have made machines do the learning process. Humans have made machines do the complex calculations. Machines have made great development by learning all these things. What comes ahead of machine learning? Is it deep learning? Yes, it is deep learning. At present, humans are helping the machines to do deep learning.

At some point, maybe machines themselves are able to do machine learning. What after machine learning? Does anything go beyond machine learning? Artificial Intelligence goes beyond machine learning. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can prove themselves a blessing for humanity.

They are a true blessing if they are working in the best way possible. They are a blessing if they are being used for a constructive purpose. The way machine learning acts for constructive purposes from Eyeweb Safety Enrollment to Space Exploration, the same goes for machine learning in destructive purposes as well. Machines being used in warfare and other crises would be the greatest threat to the freedom of humanity. Freedom of humanity must always be preserved no matter what.

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