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Why you should consider melamine in your kitchen?

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On the list of things you may have used but aren’t familiar with their name, melamine ranks high up on the list. The reason is that melamine is ubiquitous and present everywhere in the kitchen; from saucers to melamine plates, melamine bowls to melamine dinnerware, it is becoming a norm to house melamine products in your kitchen.

Now that you are aware of melamine and its ever-present qualities, let’s look at why you should consider melamine products in your kitchen. The reasons are versatile, and we shall look at them one by one. The essential thing to know is just like other plastics, melamine dishware, and melamine dinnerware has a diverse range, making it appeal to a large group of users.

Shatter and Scratch Resistant

Items in your kitchen are typically prone to the rigors of everyday use. It includes falling from a height, scratching, and constant washing and humidity. All these elements require sturdy, resistant products, something the melamine product range offers with some aplomb.

The melamine items, including melamine plates, bowls, and dinnerware, are scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant. Thus you can feel safe using these products for daily use and the outdoors where things can get out of hands if kids have it their way.

A Great Insulator Means More Versatility

Melamine as a material is an insulator; hence you can easily use melamine dinnerware or dishware for versatile uses. Be it hot soups or cold desserts, the melamine range of products won’t conduct heat and retain the temperature of your food.

Moreover, this insulation of heat is vital for servers and especially restaurant workers who have to carry these plates or bowls. The heat due to some foods can cause burn if it isn’t adequately insulated. It also holds for desserts as the temperature inside the container and outside is different.

Premium Looks at an Affordable Price

Perhaps the most significant advantage of using melamine dinnerware and dishware is its ability to portray qualities of premium dinnerware. Items made of porcelain and china are usually costly with a chic aesthetics about them.

Melamine offers cost-effectiveness while offering the same level of a premium feel that the other high-end materials provide. Melamine dinnerware resembles its more high-end competitors and has a nice glossy look about itself.

Durable, Long-lasting, and Light

As mentioned above, shatter resistance and scratch resistance offers the melamine dishware some durable qualities. Long life is ensured through the melamine material which is a nitrogenous polymer and is very non-reactive.

This non-reactive polymer is also quite lightweight, making melamine products quite handy for restaurants and its workers. Such workers have to haul large dishes and cumbersome dinnerware; however, with the lightweight melamine products, the workers get some reprieve.

Diverse Range

Melamine products come with an impressive range. Melamine can be molded into various forms, sizes, shapes, and colors, thus making the option of melamine dinnerware and dishware seemingly endless. The vibrant melamine plates and bowls can be used to spruce up your kitchen and dinner table.

The vintage designs of some of the melamine bowls and melamine dinnerware is another dimension users find attractive. These rustic looking items offer the uniqueness of high-end items at a fraction of the cost that other materials offer.

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