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Which Variety of Fencing is Ideal for your House?

by Adil

Fencing around the house not only plays a key role in adding to the exterior beauty of your house, but will also make available a regular protection of your house along with your family and pets. A professionally built fence provides every homeowner a real sense of home that we all like. Your sense of home would be profoundly influenced by fencing, be it wood, chain link or wrought iron.

Do not feel overwhelmed when you see multiple fencing options around yourself and find it difficult to choose the ideal one. The Experts at Critter Fence are always available to take you through their range of fencing at critterfence.com and help you decide.

Following are the fence types that are available at Critter Fence for you to peruse and fend your options from:


  • Aluminum Fencing: Aluminum is one of the most simple and appealing Fence types. It is relatively maintenance free and will serve the purpose of fencing only for a short duration as in comparison to the others, it doesn’t provide the right amount of protection.


  • Wooden Fencing: Many people make use of wooden fencing in the United States as well as the United Kingdom. Not only does it offer homeowners a sense of privacy with the height offered by wood fencing, but it is also one of the most attractive options on the market. They offer a warm and inviting feeling to homeowners, and without the hassle of breaking the bank.


If you opt for this type of fencing, price will play a major role as wooden fencing needs timber. The more the timber, the higher is the cost. On top of that, they take a while to mount too.


  • PVC Fencing: Using a fence made of PVC is the cheapest way to fence in your yard. To substitute wooden stakes and pickets, these fences use PVC and, while not almost as durable, they can certainly serve their purpose. The posts are PVC sleeves that go on top of wooden posts to add support to the fence, but by using less wood, they also minimize material costs.


  • Wrought Iron Fencing: When you notice homes with quirky designs, you are sure to notice that they have chosen a wrought iron fencing because it is extremely powerful and beautiful. You must know that this fencing also requires constant maintenance. You need to repaint wrought iron fencing every two or three years if you want to preserve their elegance.


  • Fencing Vinyl: If you wish to opt for an elite fencing, Vinyl fencing is your go to option. It is also more flexible and stronger in comparison to the rest of the fencing available at Critter Fence. Vinyl fencing is maintenance-free and avoids paint, so graffiti or any other unnecessary marks can be washed quickly. In order to make it look as good as fresh, all you will need is a hose and soap.
  • Fencing by Chain Link: Chain link fences do not give the home much protection, but perform a fence’s other fundamental functions very well. Homeowners, as well as school administrators tend to use them as they are affordable, reliable and require very little maintenance.


  • Electrical Fencing: Invisible fences are primarily used for the containment of dogs through an invisible electricity field. The installation usually involves inserting a wire in a trench dug along the boundary that the owner wants to fence off. To trigger the cable, a wireless transmitter is also set up close by. The final item in the fencing to absorb the signal from the wire is a battery-powered collar.

When it’s near the boundary, the collar alarms the animal with a sound pitched just to the animal’s hearing. The collar produces an electric shock if the animal manages to breach the boundary.

Although the top two roles of all home fences are definitely protection and safety, architecture and imagination can never take a back seat. With all the fencing options available at Critter Fence, there’s no need to sacrifice any home in the world looking for protection.

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