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Which Nursing Pad Is Right For You?

by theskfeed

Hey there Moms! Breastfeeding is not that easy and you know it. There are a lot of reusable breast pads available offline and online. However, you’re the one who needs to make a choice on what’s the best for you and why? Here is a guide on best nursing pad for you.

Which Nursing Pad Is Right For You

Let’s find out about the best breast pads:

One of the most exciting tools for breastfeeding is the right nursing pad. This is really important especially for the first few months because of the leaking breast milk. It’s very nice for you to have something to catch all the leaks through the clothes. At this time, the washable breast pads come to your rescue. 

  • Disposable Nursing Pads- 

You can also call them the bamboobies nursing pads. During the first few weeks or days, most of the mothers will experience leaking a lot. They will have to change their pads quite often and it will feel like a thrush. At this time, the washable breast pads will come into the picture. You’ll definitely be surprised by the amount of liquid these breast pads hold! All you need to do is remember how to change the nursing pads each time you notice wetness on the skin. These disposable pads are a great way to control all the wetness because they’re eco-friendly and made from sustainable bamboo. You can easily use them and dispose of them off whenever done. There’s no hassle of washing these disposable breast pads. They are for the mothers who are into ‘use and throw’. It’s very easy for moms to use disposable breast pads. So, it’s time for you to make breastfeeding fun for yourself. Help yourself with these disposable breastfeeding pads. 

  • Reusable Silicone Pads- 

Have you ever experienced a feeling of nursing your baby in a public area and that too without a nursing pad? If yes, then you’ll understand the amount of pressure that might let you down during the process. If you’re the one who travels a lot and have to take your baby along, then you must use the reusable silicone breast pads as these are the ones that can help you in preventing the leaks from starting. The best thing is that they cling to your skin without being too sticky. You’ll never lose them in between the folds of the clothes. Some mothers are also looking for the leaks to accumulate in the pad itself and you can carefully do it by eliminating the spill. Be sure that you are using the breastfeeding tool properly. The best thing is that you can also use it without a bra. 

  • Reusable Cloth Pads – 

One of the most common types of the nursing pad is the reusable cloth. These nursing pads are made from bamboo that are super light, soft, and durable which is super absorbent. These pads can be used overnight and these are perfect to use whenever you want to travel and work with your babies. You can always keep an extra set of them in the nursing bucket itself. 

Always keep a track of all the tips on nipple care and breast products to stay alert and aware of the things of your use that are prevailing in the market. 

Don’t just sit and stare at the screen! You need to check out which breast pad is the best for you! It’s time to choose a product that suits you and your skin the best. Once you’ve found the types of breastfeeding pads, it’s time for you to make a choice for yourself.

Get ready for all the fun during breastfeeding with the nursing pads!

Happy Breastfeeding!

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