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When You Should Call Pest Control

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With innovations in technology, it is becoming easier day by day to do things yourself. There are countless online videos and articles that tell you how to take care of pests yourself. However, you can take all precautions and measures against unwanted bugs and still find more in your home. These can be quite a nuisance and also pose health risks. In situations like these, you should contact your local pest control service and let the professionals take care of it.

You must know how to identify whether you have a pest infestation or not. If you find any of the following signs in your home, call for help. Dealing with pests yourself can be time consuming and dangerous.

Damage to Furniture

One of the telltale signs of a pest infestation is damage to property. You may find your walls or furniture that has been gnawed at. You may also find scratch marks on wood or your walls. While these may not seem like cause for concern, pests can be very dangerous. If rodents chew on wires, they can cause electrical fires. If termite or carpenter ants eat your walls, they can cause structural instability.

Signs of Life

If you have rodents burrowing in your house, you will find their droppings and wet urine spots. Cockroach droppings can be found around the house as well. Both are signs that you have a pest problem. These pests can carry deadly diseases that can be transmitted to humans. Your family’s well-being could be at risk.

Observe Their Presence

If you spot a sole cockroach or ant roaming around, there is a high chance that there are several more in your house. Many of these bugs and insects send out ‘scouts’ to ensure the area is safe to inhabit. These scouts will be on the lookout for food. This is a sign that there is a new colony moving into your living space.

This can also be a sign that there is a huge infestation in your house and some of these cockroaches and ants have been kicked out due to lack of space.

Uncommon Pests

Did you know that squirrels can live inside your walls and are considered pests as well? No matter how cute they are from a distance, you don’t want them living in your home. If you find squirrels in your house, you should call pest control. When frightened, they can cause damage to both you and your house. Squirrel bites can be painful and spread diseases.

Damaged Plants

Many insects feed on plants so you may find holes in your plants’ leaves. It is best not to have too many indoor plants as it increases the risk of a pest infestation. Follow proper precautions and keep an eye out for the aforementioned signs. 

You may not wish to deal with such creepy crawlies on your own. Don’t hesitate to call pest control today if you suspect you have a pest infestation. 

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