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What Should I do After a Bus Accident?

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In the United States of America, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that human error is the primary cause of bus accidents. 

Most drivers are either distracted at the time of the accident or cause accidents because of faulty vehicles or spoilt roads. Either way, the only way to ensure compensation when you are involved in a bus accident is to establish the liable party that caused the accident.

Here are the crucial steps to take when you or your loved one is an injured passenger in a road accident.

What a passenger should do after a bus accident

  • Head to the hospital.

Bus accidents can be devastating because of the weight of the vehicle and the magnitude of the impact. Although claiming compensation for your injuries is important, the first thing when you are involved in an accident is to go to a hospital to determine the extent of your injuries and restore your overall health. Sometimes the worst injuries from accidents are not visible. Therefore, a proper checkup is vital after an accident.

  • Collect relevant evidence from the accident

The doctor’s report is essential for your injury claim for compensation. However, evidence from the day of the accident will help your case when your lawyers present it to the jury. If you are not critically injured from the accident, take pictures of yourself and the bus for reference purposes when you present the compensation claim.

  • Collect details of other victims

Another move that can help you strengthen your compensation claim is to go to court as a group. Share contact information with several people that were together with you in the accident. The police and the court are more inclined to consider a group’s claim than that of a single victim.

  • Find time to visit the police station to report the accident

Even if the bus company will probably be the first party to report the accident to the police, you should call or visit the police station as soon as possible to record an official statement of the occurrence to them. The police and the doctor’s report you file should resonate for you to stand a chance of compensation when the matter is heard.

  • Procure the services of a reliable bus accident lawyer

After receiving adequate medical attention and filing the necessary statements, you need to visit a personal injury lawyer that will present your compensation case. You will get compensation depending on the parties liable for the accident. For additional information following a bus accident, the experienced bus accident attorneys at Salamati Law in Los Angeles, CA have provided a complete guide: https://www.salamatilaw.com/los-angeles-bus-accident-attorney/what-should-i-do-after-a-bus-accident-in-los-angeles/  

If the jury establishes that the accident was caused by a poorly maintained bus, it will be up to the bus company and its insurance company to provide compensation. The jury can also find the government guilty of negligence if the road had problems at the time of the accident. Most bus companies and insurance firms would do anything in their power to avoid dishing out large sums of money for your injury compensation. Therefore, getting a reliable lawyer is important if you intend on getting compensation for your injuries.

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