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What CBD Cartridges are on Sale in the UK?

by theskfeed

There are many different formats for taking CBD, but vaping CBD is seen to be one of the most effective ways and is growing in popularity in the UK. But, if you are new to CBD vaping, the selection can be a bit confusing and overwhelming – what is the difference between a super lemon haze oil cartridge vs. a super lemon haze e-liquid cartridge? Is there a difference? Often the terminology that is used makes it hard to know what you are smoking or what you would prefer.  In this post, I will try to explain the key differences between the types of CBD vape cartridges available for sale in the UK so that you will be able to make a more informed decision when you shop. 

A vape cartridge is what you screw in or snap on to the top of your reusable vaporiser battery device. In the UK, this will mainly be the choice between a 510 compatible cartridge or a specific pod (a type of cartridge which clips, rather than screws) that works specifically for the vaporiser battery you are using.  CBD Vape cartridges come in a range of strengths and flavours so you are able to pick exactly the type of vape experience you’d like so what’s what! 

High CBD vape cartridges vs. Lower concentration

There are two main choices of CBD vape cartridges – high concentration CBD vape oils vs. lower concentration CBD e liquids (also referred to as CBD vape juice or weed flavoured CBD e-liquid by some retailers). High strength CBD vape cartridges tend to be between 50-70% in strength whereas CBD e liquids are usually no more than 10% in strength. Given this difference in strength, which to pick depends on what vape experience you are looking for – if it’s something that’s more of an everyday thing I’d suggest vaping CBD e liquids, but if it’s something that’s more occasional, I would go with a high CBD vape cartridge as it delivers a stronger hit so you’ll need fewer puffs to feel a greater effect.

Due to regulation in the UK, both CBD vape oils and CBD e liquids will not contain any THC, but what else is in your CBD cartridge will depend on whether it’s a CBD vape oil or a CBD e-liquid. CBD e liquids in the UK are usually made from the same liquid base as regular vape e liquids – a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) – and blended with hemp extract (as opposed to nicotine) and infused with natural terpenes for their flavour.  

CBD vape oil cartridges, on the other hand, do not use a PG / VG liquid base so tend to be purer than CBD e-liquid cartridges. They are usually just made with an undiluted oil extract, derived from hemp and then also infused with natural terpenes for flavour. The beauty of it being in this more pure oil extract is that it is more likely to contain additional cannabinoids that will enhance the effects of the CBD. One particular cannabinoid that I would suggest looking out for in your cartridge blend is CBG – this is another cannabinoid that has been getting a lot more attention recently due to its effectiveness in enhancing the therapeutic effects of CBD. 

Important to note, if you do decide to go for a CBD vape oil cartridge the liquid is more viscous than e liquids so you will need to use a specific CBD oil vape pen that is more powerful and can cope with heating up the thicker CBD vape oil.


This is where all the whacky, wonderful names come in like Super Lemon Haze or Trainwreck!  If you are new to CBD, these names can be a little scary at first / sound like they will mess you up, but in fact, many brands just name their cartridges after the cannabis strain the terpenes (the aromatic cannabis flavour compounds) that they have infused into the vape oil is derived from. Certain terpenes are associated with specific flavours and so will indicate that a CBD cartridge may be more citrus or earthy.  Make sure the terpenes used in your carts are natural rather than synthetic so that they give you a more natural cannabis flavour.

Personally, I don’t like anything that is too sweet and sickly like Pina Colada so I tend to avoid CBD cartridges which add synthetic flavours to give it more fruitiness and stick to more natural compounds. 

This is why I love the Paso CBD vape cartridges so much: they have both high CBD content vape oil cartridges (their 65% cart is one of the strongest on the market and contains CBG!) and lighter CBD e-liquid carts; all of their flavours taste delicious and give a smooth vape; and they make it really easy to know what’s what by explaining with tasting notes each of their flavours (especially helpful for their CBD distillate cartridges where they have personalised the name – Daybreak).

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