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What Can You Do With a Fashion Management Degree?

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The global fashion industry is often considered a glamorous place to build a career. As a fashion professional, you get to be surrounded by famous celebrities, the limelight from flashing cameras, beautiful garments and fabrics of different colors and textures and many other talented people.

Creativity aside, the glamorous world of fashion requires a lot of administrative and managerial work than what meets the eye. Fashion management professionals ensure that fashion collections hit the retail stores on time, designers and models are provided the resources to create new designs and shows go smoothly.

If you are good at management and want to work in fashion, a fashion management degree can launch your dream career. Read this blog to get an overview of BA Fashion and Business Management and explore different career options available to fashion management graduates.

What does a Fashion management course include?

Fashion management combines the creative and artistic skills required for the fashion world with the business acumen and administrative skills required to run a fashion business.

Undergraduate courses in the subject such as BA fashion management can include subjects like business communication, human resource management, organizational behavior, marketing management, business research, luxury brand management, fashion economics and fashion illustration.

What are the career prospects of a fashion management degree?

Here are some exciting career options you can explore as a fashion management graduate.

  • Public Relations Manager: Public relations managers are usually hired by big fashion houses and magazines to generate positive publicity for the brand. They are in charge of organizing press events and collaborating with celebrities to promote or launch new products or designs. They also network with members of the press or journalists to generate buzz around the company brand.
  • Brand Management Consultant: Brand management consultants are usually freelancers in the fashion world. They advise big brands and fashion houses on the effectiveness of their marketing or advertising campaigns.  Also provide suggestions for innovative campaign messages and help fashion brands improve their public images. They are also hired for their expertise in brand positioning in the fashion industry.
  • Retail Store Sales Manager: Sales managers of retail stores are often hired to manage the retail outlets of big fashion brands like Zara or Chanel. They have a wide range of responsibilities including interacting with important customers, handling customer dissatisfaction, negotiating with vendors and suppliers and supervising the retail store staff. In addition, retail store sales managers attend different trade events to enhance their knowledge and apply them for improving customer engagement at their stores.
  • Social Media Campaign Manager: Social media campaign managers work with marketing managers of fashion brands to create effective media and sales campaigns across different social media channels. They also create different online engagement strategies to generate interest for the brand.

A career in fashion management can provide you with immense work satisfaction, an outlet to showcase your creativity and numerous opportunities to start your own business. Hence, you should invest in a suitable fashion management course today to enhance your career prospects in the fashion world.

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