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Useful tips on how to use explainer videos from the best explainer video production company

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An explainer video is an informative video, usually less than 5 minutes in length, describing what the company does or how a product works. This is not a tutorial, but rather a persuasive marketing message. It draws attention to the viewer’s pain points and explains how a product or process can become a solution. Sometimes these are animated videos, but a simple form is also possible where a person speaks to the camera. Typically, such a video drives sale to your site, attracts even the laziest shoppers who don’t want to read the text. A video can explain everything, even the most complex and little-known service.


Usually, promo videos are posted on a company’s home page or landing page, but they can also be shared on social media as advertising or as part of crowdfunding campaigns.

It is hardly possible to create explainer videos yourself, without special technical capabilities, so it is better to contact the explainer video production company. By choosing Bonomotion, you will gain handcrafted animated videos, which engage audiences, increase awareness and multiply conversions. We help global clients stand out and grow their businesses with a team of highly skilled artists and animation professionals. Our videos work for online or offline businesses to generate more traffic, leads & sales.

In this fast-paced world, grabbing audience attention is not easy. This is why explainer video turns out to be a gold marketing tool. Explainer videos should be fast, engaging, and accurate. It solves the problem and helps the client make a decision.

Explainer videos are of several types: engaging real-time video, where the expert demonstrates how it works, what the product consists of, what its features are. Instructional video: an expert shows you how to use a product sold in an online store. Screencast: this is a detailed video tutorial with a voiceover. In this way, you can demonstrate, for example, setting up some functions, ease of operation, the procedure for registration, ordering, etc. Video with testimonials: buyers themselves or bloggers-ambassadors talk about the product.

Posting a video on your homepage or landing page is a marvelous way to present yourself to new visitors and potential buyers. The video should be attractive and, what is important, useful. Research has shown that landing pages that contain videos have 80% more conversions. Emails with video content have 65% more clicks. This is a powerful marketing strategy and helps your business more than anything else. So, embedding your own, unique and high-quality videos on a website increases the chance of ranking in Google by 53%. You can post a 30-second video ad on your homepage instead of posting 1000 characters of text. This is a perfect chance to increase conversion.

Try to create short explainer videos that describe the main benefits and features of your product and publish them on your website. Potential buyers may have product related questions and will definitely want to know something about it. Your job is to show them how to do it. Interesting content engages your audience and piques their interest. Introduce users to the products with a step-by-step guide. Describe the process slowly and clearly, accompanied by a voice description.

Send a video link in your welcome email. Acquaintance is one of the most important stages of your customer relationship, so take it seriously. Therefore, explainer videos can help users become familiar with your products and reduce the need for support and service, such as by phone.

Instead of listing the answers to frequently asked questions in the text, record a video with these answers, thus instilling trust and gaining authority, as many people perceive visual information better. An explainer video is a tool that provides comprehensive information about your product, brand or service and prevents misunderstandings, giving you an edge over the competition.

Start a new YouTube campaign and create a list of videos. Today, nothing is complete without an engaging video. There are various types of videos you can create for more effective marketing to drive traffic and increase conversions. But the explainer video plays an important role in expanding your business. Focus on your company’s strengths and find ways to showcase them to existing and potential customers through engaging video products.

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