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Top Best Twitter Video Downloader in 2020

by theskfeed

Are you seeking ways to download videos from Twitter? Watching and sharing videos on twitter can be done every day but saving them on our smartphone seems almost impossible. With the increasing trend of sharing videos as a status on Whatsapp and Facebook, it is essential to download videos from social platforms. Twitter indeed gives a hard time while downloading videos so; you have to use other apps to save these videos. We have gathered a list of best twitter video downloader for Android and iOS that are free in 2020. With the help of these apps, you can seamlessly download the videos you want from twitter. 

Best twitter video downloader apps

best twitter video downloader

Top Twitter Video Downloaders 2020

  1. MobiMover – for desktop 

MobiMover is a proficient and dependable tool to manage the iOS data. With this tool, you can easily transfer data between any two iOS devices or your computer and iOS device. It is a great tool to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Twitter, and more by using URL. You can move the videos from your computer to iOS devices or store them directly on your computer.


  • Free and easy.
  • The app can be used for several websites YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.
  • It helps to save videos to your iOS devices.


  • Computer is necessary

2. MyMedia – app

MyMedia is a free and commanding app for managing your files. It is amazing in managing files but when it comes to downloading videos it does a great job. You can download videos from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and save them in your camera roll. The only shortcoming is its difficult steps and it doesn’t provide any tutorials about downloading, which makes it difficult for the users to understand the app. 


  • Used to download videos from different platforms.
  • Audio or video player. 
  • The app can be locked so that no one can have access to it except you.


  • It doesn’t have a tutorial which makes it hard to understand.
  • Song or video stops when switching to another app.

Best Twitter Video Downloader App for Android:

  1. Download twitter videos – built-in video player: 

This app is the one best twitter video downloader as there are no ads, no redirects, no premium subscription. You can easily download any video or GIFs from here without any stress. It also does a great job for Instagram.


  • Simple to use.
  • Multiple video quality options.
  • Built-in video player.
  • Videos will be secured using a password.


  • It may stop working correctly after limited downloads.
  • Video plays for a few seconds and then stops because of an unknown error.

2. Gif tweet downloader – video and GIF downloader:

It works great for downloading videos and GIFs from Twitter. You simply press the “share” icon on the tweet the video is sent to this app to download the video, instead of copying the link/URL.


  • Login not required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Support selecting a resolution.


  • Many ads.
  • Cannot rename or save the videos to the SD card.
  • After updating, it sometimes crashes.

3.+Download 4 Instagram Twitter – Instagram/Tumblr is supported:

It is a brilliant tool for downloading public photos and videos from twitter Instagram and Tumblr. You can download images from this app instead of taking a screenshot. It doesn’t download private videos the video has to be public to get downloaded.


  • Download photos/videos from Twitter, Instagram, and vine.
  • Login not required.
  • Download both photos or videos. 


  • It doesn’t allow us to save videos or photos on the SD card.
  • it supports many ads.
  • After update connection error occurs often.

  4. Video downloader for twitter- UHD

It is a handy and practical app that allows you to download videos only by three clicks. It is the best twitter video downloader that allows you to download images and GIFs as well. You can download GIFs, images, videos, and audios with the help of the app on your device and can share it with your friends.


  • Supports deleting and previewing.
  • You can select resolution and quality.
  • Lightweight and amazing app.


  • It may not recognize whether the link is image or video.
  • There are many ads even on a single click.

Some more best twitter video downloaders:

  1. SaveTweetVid:

SaveTweetVid is another app that allows you to download videos from twitter for free. This tool works for all gadget’s computers, smartphones, and tablets as well. Like Twitter Video Downloader this app allows you to download videos in MP4 and GIFs from twitter in your device. It can also convert MP4 files into MP3 files. This app works the same as the others just copy the URL and add it on the field and the video will be downloaded on your device.

2. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader:

Jihosoft provides data recovery, management, utility, and multimedia tools. One of their most popular features is 4K Video Downloader, as it allows us to save and download the videos. It lets you download videos from Twitter, YouTube, and content from more than 3,000 websites and social media. Videos can be downloaded in different formats and resolutions. There is a free trial version and the other version can be purchased for more features.

3. GetMyTweet:

GetMyTweet is another app that allows you to convert videos on twitter in MP4, MP3, and x-mpegURL formats. It works on all devices. All the videos that are downloaded are extracted from twitter’s CDN servers that make it completely safe to use. If chrome is not being used the download would not start on its own. You would have to right-click on the button “download” and then select “save as” then save the video wherever you want.

4. GetfVid:

GetfVid is a super-fast and easy tool that allows you to download videos in a flash. It also allows downloading video from Facebook. As in some other apps here, you can also convert the videos from MP4 into MP3. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL and then click download. You’ll then see the preview after pressing the download button. Click on download to save the video and again if you are not using other browsers you’ll have to click “save as” and then the video will start downloading.

5. DTV

DTV download Twitter videos is another Twitter video downloader to download videos from Twitter in just 2 simple and easy steps. Copy the url of your video and paste it in the downloading bar and click download.

6. YBmate:

YBmate is an alternative tool. Copy and paste the tweet URL into the given field and click “convert”. It has different formats. There are 3 different resolutions (320p, 480p and 720p).

7. ssstwitter:

If none of the other tools mentioned above works give sssTwitter a try. This is a great tool and can be used on every device and browsers. 


Some of the best twitter video downloaders are mentioned above. These amazing apps enable you to download videos from Twitter seamlessly, and safely. No personal user information is compromised while downloading the videos. These apps also help to download images, audios, and other rich media content from various social platforms. So Enjoy!

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