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The ‘Internal’ Influencer

by theskfeed

There are important people within the organization that we tend to forget. Can you guess who? 

Yes, Your employees. 

What can they do? 

Well, we tend to forget that the people you hire are human beings. 

They have friends and family that your business cannot reach directly, 

And can be more effective. 

How can they do it? 

Your employees can become brand advocates for your brand. 

Some of your employees have large followers on different social media channels,

Which can help with introducing you to new audiences. 

It can be as simple as sharing a post on their channels. 

However, you need to be careful… 

One, you should not be forceful for them to post it. 

Two, the content should be interesting and creative, 

something your employees would be proud and willing to share on their own. Three, allow the employees to be creative and add their own touch or twist to it. 

Why would this be a good option? 

One, your business will create brand advocates from your own team and make your employees a part of your organization, in a bigger way. 

Two, your employees get to showcase to their family or friends, how great their current  company is and could lead to attracting great individuals to the company. 

Three, it can be a less expensive method than hiring influencers who may cost more and may  not be fully into your current brand.

Well, that is the Company Internal Influencer. 

Points to note: 

  1. It is an opportunity that any company can use whether small, medium or large.  

*But remember the content you expect your employees to share should be fun, creative and interesting. 

  1. Another option is to include your employees in the creative process. 3. This is a strategy you can consider, especially when you are on a tight budget. 

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