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The Differences Between Artificial Turf and Artificial Grass

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Although artificial turf and artificial grass are used interchangeably by many, each is actually referring to different types of synthetic grass.

Turf is in reference to grass designed specifically for sports because it is usually shorter. However, Artificial grass is the term to use when referring to landscape grass which is longer and soft underfoot.

Advances in Artificial Turf and Grass

With time and scientific advances, synthetic grass and turf have evolved dramatically. Early artificial turf looked fake, and no one really believed that it was a great alternative to natural grass. As it has developed and looks seamless in whatever environment it is used in, there is now a range of different products for different purposes, which is how we can now distinguish easily between turf for sports and grass for lawns and landscaping. Let’s look a little closer at them.

Artificial Turf

You want tough when you are laying turf for sports, and the artificial type is just that. It withstands busy feet, griding moves during a game, cleats and other movements. It doesn’t matter what sport you lay it down for, it will last for some time, and because of the advancements in technology, it will also look fantastic. The artificial turf is also:

  • Safer than natural grass
  • Reduces injuries because of padding underneath
  • It can be played on in any conditions
  • There will be no muddy ground

This type of product doesn’t have to be confined to a big sports field. It can be used in a smaller capacity, such as putting greens, tennis courts or bocce ball courts for your backyard.

Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is where you will find all the sports action takes place, and artificial grass is about looking good. This is not implying that synthetic grass isn’t hardwearing because it is just as durable. Their primary design, however, is for aesthetic appeal. It is quite appealing to host backyard entertainment such as a bbq, and combined with a composite deck, it makes for the perfect outdoor space for family and friends.

While we call it grass, it is actually made up of:

  • Nylon, polypropylene or polyethylene plastic
  • Infil (a rubber crumb)
  • Weed barrier

While different brands may look largely similar, however, not all artificial grass is precisely the same. Each manufacturer uses varying materials and levels of workmanship which then determines the quality of the product. The same company may have different grades of “grass” depending on what you can afford budget-wise. 

One way of ensuring that it looks the best and as natural as possible is by getting it professionally installed. This will give your artificial lawn a better chance of optimum performance and longevity.

This type of grass is a beautiful looking lawn and very similar to natural turf. Its versatility means that there are specialised varieties for playgrounds, backyards for kids and animals, and doggie day-care facilities. It has a high safety rating and is softer underfoot than the impact of just landing directly on the ground.

Commonalities in Artificial Turf and Artificial Grass

Although there are a lot of differences between artificial turf and artificial grass, they also have many common traits that see both types appealing to the consumer. The similarities include:

  • Neither waster water 
  • Both have little maintenance
  • No ongoing expenses
  • Free from allergens
  • Have no toxins
  • Less wasted because it doesn’t need to be ripped up repeatedly at large sporting facilities
  • Weekends can be reclaimed because there is no mowing, weeding or watering


There are many variations when it comes to synthetic grass compared to when it initially came out on the market. These improvements have made it a must-have item for busy families backyards when they don’t have the time to mow, weed and regularly water a natural lawn. The many shades of green they come in means you can get a color you like to transform your yard into the exact oasis you want it to be. 

While picking suitable artificial grass or turf can be overwhelming, our team of artificial grass experts aim to make the process as seamless as possible. They are specialists in their field who can guide you on what is suitable for your outdoor space. 

Whether it is artificial turf or grass you are looking for, our products are durable and will have your outdoor space looking fantastic in no time. Contact us so we can begin making your yard the envy of the neighborhood that you can use all year round. 

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