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Cheap Taxi in Luton Get a Comfortable Service Rrom Us

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During the Second World War, the Luton airport area was used as the base for the Royal Air Force. Nowadays, fighter jets no longer land at Luton Airport near London, but mainly low-cost airlines that bring tourists to the greater London area and guide Londoners back from vacation. Luton Airport is not located directly in London, but in the city of the same name, Luton, more precisely in the Wigmore district, approx. 50 km northwest of London. The transfer can be done in 30 – 50 minutes. That’s why Lotan Airport is so important. But the taxi problem is a major problem. We are ready to provide you cheap taxi in luton. Don’t worry we are giving some information about taxi in Luton.

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How to get a cheap taxi in Luton from Airport to the city center

You can get three types of transportation procedure to you from Luton Airport (LTN) to central London: taxi, train, and bus. The journey with luton airport pick up costs around € 80 (£ 70) and will take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. One of the easiest ways to enter the city is through the journey by train as well. Off-peak train tickets cost € 16 (£ 14.20), and the journey takes only 35 minutes. A slightly cheaper alternative is the bus. A one-way National Express or Green Line / Terravision bus ride costs € 12 (£ 11), but is the slowest transfer option from Luton Airport at 1 hour 30 minutes.

We usually get tired when we move from one place to another. Because of our luggage, the taxi will be the best option. But the problem was to find a taxi. We are ready to provide a taxi service to help you.

How to get from Luton Airport to the city center by train

Unfortunately, there are no trains from Luton Airport to central London. To take the train, take the shuttle bus to Luton Airport Parkway station in 10 minutes. You can take the train towards Brighton and get off at one of the major train stations in central London, such as Blackfriars, City Thameslink, Farringdon, and St Pancras International. Train tickets for the Thameslink cost € 16 (£ 14.20), and the average journey time is 35 minutes, making this the fastest transfer option from Luton Airport to central London.

The shuttle buses leave the airport every 10 minutes and only take 10 minutes.

How much does the train cost from Luton Airport to the city center?

A one-way train ride outside of peak hours is € 16 (£ 14.20), and tickets are available either at the Onward Travel Center in the Arrivals Hall or at the machines in the international baggage claim area. Make sure to buy a ticket from Luton Airport (LUA) and not from Luton Airport Parkway (LTN), as this includes the price of the shuttle bus. If you still buy a ticket from Luton Airport Parkway (LTN), you can stay safe as the shuttle bus’s tickets are only € 2.40 (£ 2.10) and are available for cash from the driver.

Suppose you missed then direct train contact with us. We will help you. Don’t worry.


London airport transfer to Luton.  The Airport of Luton is the 4th biggest airport in Greater London after Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted. It mainly used by low-cost airlines and charter airlines. EasyJet has its head office here. Luton Airport near London also served from German-speaking countries. Therefore, you will find all the essential information for the airport transfer from Luton to central London.

It is tough to get a taxi as soon as you get off the plane. So we are organizing to alleviate your suffering. We hope you don’t mind the service from us. If you have any asks, you may know us, without any doubt.

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