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Show off the best version of you with a versatile shapewear this summer!

by theskfeed

In case you are not aware, the lame days of hiding your fat bulges and curves behind baggy outfits are over now. As the summers are on track, this is the time to fall in love with your curves once again and show the world that you are not afraid to show off. 

Well, immense thanks to the body positivity movement and inclusion of plus-size models in the fashion mainstream. Curvy girls have finally learned to feel beautiful and proud of their bodies. 

Plus Size body shapers

There’s something that has created a revolution – and that is none other than the plus-size body shapers. Though there’s a wide variety of plus size apparels, with body shapers, women can now dress perfectly while flaunting what they have got instead of hiding them.

We can see women with narrow hips and busty physiques, and how they have been rocking with slim waists with products like high-waisted thong shapewear

Options in terms of shapes, sizes, and colors have allowed curvy ladies to expect more and more from the shapewear industry, regardless of their body type.

Remember, body shapers for women are not a disguise, they are an ideal foundation. Just as you use a concealer to hide your dark circles, the compression shapewear hides that extra fat. And yes, they are not only meant for skinny girls! 

But if you have tried it earlier, then you might know that it is designed to enhance your body shape while smoothing out the extra fat, which usually makes you feel insecure. Whereas, the high-grade medical compression in those body shapers gives a contouring effect to your silhouette. 

So if you are tired of trying those locally ill-fitting shapers, then now is the time to switch to something good. Definitely, you must be looking for something that flatters your body uniquely – without squeezing you. 

Hold on, but how will you get to know that you have found the right body shaper? Have you ever wondered why it is even possible to find a plus-size body shaper online that stays where it is supposed to be, without rolling down? Just don’t worry, here is a brief guide to different styles of body shapers for women that you can discover online. Check them out.

1. Power Shaping Bodysuit

Power Shaping Bodysuit

The leotard style shapewear offers comprehensive support and contouring to the back, butt, torso, and thighs area. Some of the power shaping bodysuits come with a 4-way stretch fabric that allows you to handle the routine tasks with ease. The product is generally made with moisture-locking microfiber – a breathable fabric that keeps you comfortable all day long.

So, it is a must-have that is perfect for a date night or daily office routine to wear under any shirt or dress. So keep that chub-rub at bay with the flat seams. 

2. Seamless Shorts

Seamless Shorts

Commonly known as biker shorts, the stylish shapewear gives a butt enhancing and slimming effect to your body. The high waisted shaper is excellent to wear under fitted jeans or bodycon dresses and offers a smooth silhouette for any occasion. The best part about the invisible control shorts is that it protects the thigh area from irritation and chafing, and it doesn’t roll down. Make sure to choose a suitable size for absolute comfort throughout the day.


3. Shaping Thong

Shaping Thong

The full body thong shaper usually comes in a seamless style with a 100% gusset lining that is super comfortable from every angle. If your previous tummy is making you uncomfortable, then better switch to high waisted thong shapewear that offers all-over control to the torso region. The silicone tape waistband ensures a perfect grip. 

So, these were the most versatile types of body shapers for women. All the plus size ladies out there, get ready and dress up for the most exciting time of the year in your favorite outfit with a smoother look. 

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